The “Tighty-Whities” Debate on So-Called "White Supremacy"

"The problem is that like all leftist narratives, the whole “tighty-whitie” (read: white supremacy) thing is built on tissues of lies. At this late date, how many of us are really all that white?  Or what “white” means? Hasn’t the elastic worn out on this one?  That is unless we want to believe white supremacy is real and not a polemic to be used against those of us of the Caucasian persuasion".

Originally appeared at: Monomakhos

Our country is deeply polarized. Even people on the Left admit as much. We are in fact more polarized than the time before the War Between the States.

Consider that in his Second Inaugural Address, President Abraham Lincoln made these comments about the two sides: “Both read the same Bible and pray to the same God, and each invokes His aid against the other.”  And this was after four bloody years of warfare which consumed at least two percent of the American population. (In present terms, that would come to almost 7 million people.)

Today, we can no longer say we read the same Bible and pray to the same God.  Far from it. We have few, if any, beliefs in common.  Agreeing on things like when life begins or whether there are only two sexes (or thirty) escape us. We don’t even hold to the same interpretation of the Bill of Rights. Or the Constitution.  Let’s face it.  Red and Blue agree on nothing. Not even if God exists.

And both sides positively hate the other.

Don’t believe me? The other day in Boulder, Colorado, a gunman shot and killed ten people in cold blood. Their bodies weren’t even cold before the Twittersphere erupted in glee; not because ten people were dead (at least I hope not), but because the shooter was clearly a “white supremacist”. One Twitterer lamented that she was “tired” of the fact that she has to worry about whether some “white man with an AR-15 is having a bad day”. There were many more comments along these lines.

And this was before the shooter was identified. He could have been white, black, yellow, or polka-dot. It didn’t matter because we have been primed to believe that all mass-murderers are white and predisposed to killing people.  This is the go-to narrative and accepted as fact.  Unfortunately, it’s not true.

According to the FBI, Asians and blacks make up higher percentage of the ranks of mass shooters out of proportion to their share of the American population (about 1/4 percent higher actually). Whites on the other hand make up a lesser percentage of mass shooters, ironically about 1/4 percentage less. Don’t believe me? Read this: If you’re interested in looking at interracial crime in the United States, please go to

The problem is that like all leftist narratives, the whole “tighty-whitie” (read: white supremacy) thing is built on tissues of lies. At this late date, how many of us are really all that white?  Or what “white” means? Hasn’t the elastic worn out on this one?  That is unless we want to believe white supremacy is real and not a polemic to be used against those of us of the Caucasian persuasion. (Eventually, the Left is going to have to come down on one side or the other of this issue.) No sooner than the last body was taken to the morgue, the shooter was identified as a certain Ahmad Al-Aliwi Al-Issa, a Syrian refugee. And all the victims were white. (One of the victims, Neven Stanisic, 23, was a Serbian Orthodox, whose family emigrated from Yugoslavia shortly before he was born. May his memory be eternal.)

This complicated narrative threw a massive spanner in the works regarding the whole “white supremacy” thing. You see, according to our elites, all people who come from Europe are evil, especially northern Europeans. The farther north, the eviler. That’s ultimately what “white privilege” means in their sick, distorted little minds. On the other hand, “people of color” from everywhere else are nothing but angelic beings. (Except for Asians, the Left can’t tell presently whether they’re VictimsTM or have a double dose of “white privilege. Stay tuned.)

This particular shooting raises uncomfortable questions. Like, are Arabs white?  What about Greeks?  Two of Trump’s cabinet members (Alex Azar and Mark Esper) are Lebanese. They certainly look white to me. Same with Donna Shalala (who served in Clinton’s cabinet) and hundreds of thousands of other Americans who claim Levantine and/or Arab descent.

And did I mention that all of the victims were white? (Yes, I believe I did.) These facts more than complicate the narrative. They utterly destroy it.

Just a few days before this atrocity, a young man shot up three Atlanta massage parlors, killing eight of the “workers” there. The murderer was a self-described sex addict. Six of the victims were Asian. The Rahm Emanuels of the Left immediately went into overdrive, accusing the shooter of being (drumroll, please) a “white supremacist”. Even though he wasn’t and two of the eight victims were themselves white.

Still, not being in the mood to allow a good crisis to go to waste, the Biden Administration and the Corporate Media went into full hysteria, warning us that because of Trump and “white supremacy”, Asians were being singled out for victimization. The plague of “anti-Asian hatred” caused Hologram Joe to order all flags lowered to half-staff. We were also treated to endless commentary about how our vice president was herself “Asian”. Just a few days before, we were told that she was African-American. (Am I missing something here?)

If memory serves, not all that long ago, I commented that this supposed “anti-Asian” hysteria was a rabbit-hole that the grievance mongers do not want to crawl into. They will regret it. Big time. Because you see, the overwhelming majority of anti-Asian hate crimes that are occurring are not being perpetrated by whites. Not by a long shot.

So where does that leave us? Only here: that the whole identity politics thing that we have been subjected to over the last decade or so, is exploding in the faces of the Left and their flying monkeys in the Corporate Media.

And the egg exploding on the faces of these professional victimologists forces me to experience a little schadenfreude. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of people.

Folks, here’s a dirty little secret: we all have an identity. If we’re speaking in strictly secular terms, that identity should be “American”. For those of us who identify with the majority religion of this country, that identity would be Christian. In a sane society, those would –should–be our identities. Period. Regardless of whether we are religious or not, you don’t want to stray from either of those identities. Not even a little bit.  Because if you do, it will blow up in your face big time. It will also blow up in untold violence if we’re not careful.

Why? Because anarcho-tyranny doesn’t work. “Diversity” (read: divide and conquer) has been the modus operandi of our ruling elite for decades. Unfortunately for them, all things come to an end. And when this thing finally blows up, it ain’t gonna be pretty. All of the academic rationalizations and appeal to liberalism won’t mean a damn thing.

My advice to our kakistocracy? Stop this sh!t now. Immediately. Because at some point, the various tribes which you’ve corralled us into will come for you. You wanna know why? Because people wake up. Eventually.

In the meantime, it’d be a good idea to stop demonizing Wypepo. Look around you: the armed forces are overwhelmingly white, especially the “tooth” part of the “tooth and tail”. One day, this demographic is going to start asking questions. Questions like “why should I go fight the Russkies?” or, “why do we need to nation-build West Crapistan?” And all such questions will be asked against the backdrop of our nation crumbling before our eyes.


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