Should You Receive a Mandatory Vaccine To Get an Office Job?

"Within a few years, it will be impossible for anyone to get a professional job that pays a comfortable middle-class wage without full obedience to the regime’s strict rules. Those jobs are for compliant and submissive human slaves who consent to build the oligarch’s technocratic kingdom on earth. . ."

Originally appeared at: Roosh Valizadeh

I encounter many college students in my church parish who, for a variety of reasons, refuse to get the coronavirus vaccine. If they can only hang on for one or two more years, they say, they can “get out” of an uncomfortable situation with a minted degree, ready to start their professional lives in a nearby office park. Problem is that as soon as they graduate, they are entering a world where full compliance will be demanded of them. Graduating from college will launch them into a system that is increasingly controlled by evil forces that stand opposed to God.

When vaccine mandates were strictly enforced in 2021 (which I expect to return soon), many universities offered a religious exemption program that required students to take one or two nasal swab coronavirus tests a week to prove they’re ritually clean, in addition to following mask and social distancing rules. It was theoretically possible for a student to graduate by abiding to this protocol, but we’re only one “aggressive variant” away from the universities saying, “It’s now so dangerous that we require everyone to get the vaccine with no exemptions, God or no God.” There have already been local governments that used such an approach. Therefore, we must assume that in the next wave of viral panic, at least some universities will rescind the exemption option, forcing students to get the vax if they want to continue their education.

Unfortunately, you’re not “done” when you graduate college. Instead, your commitment to a system built by the world regime is only beginning. College was merely an intermediary step to cement your compliance with the regime for the rest of your life. If you want the benefits that only the regime can offer, which include a professional career and middle-class income, you must obey their demands. If you are studying at university to gain a comfortable white-collar job, but refuse to get the vax, chances are you will never begin your career. Corporations will be as strict or stricter than academia for the “pandemics” of the future. You will have to play ball if you want a stable career and the money that comes with it.

Within a few years, it will be impossible for anyone to get a professional job that pays a comfortable middle-class wage without full obedience to the regime’s strict rules. Those jobs are for compliant and submissive human slaves who consent to build the oligarch’s technocratic kingdom on earth. If you are refusing the regime in college, which is a training ground for regime workers, what do you think is going to happen to you when you finally want to get paid with the regime’s money? They will close their doors on you. The problem is not the university forcing you to get a vaccine, but why you are enrolled in a university in the first place. If you don’t want to follow the regime, it would be wise not to spend four years in one of their educational centers that they operate for their benefit, not yours.

If you started your university education, you will be hesitant to quit. You’ve already spent a lot of time in school and probably owe a ton of money. Isn’t it better just to keep going and hope everything will work out? Let me share my story. I went to university for four years to study microbiology. Then I worked as a microbiologist in two pharmaceutical companies for six years. Professionally, those ten years have been a colossal waste, because after quitting to become a full-time writer, I haven’t earned an income related to my profession in nearly fifteen years. How do I feel about wasting a decade of my life? Not so great. I would feel better if I wasted only five, and even better if I wasted only two. No matter how far you drive down the wrong road, you turn the car around, because by continuing to go in the wrong direction, you will never arrive at your destination.

What any college student must ask himself is if he’s ready to yoke himself to the regime system for the rest of his life. University is only the beginning of a relationship where the regime is your daddy. He will insist that you commit to a high consumption lifestyle standard that includes living alone, a new car, expensive health (death) care, continual entertainment and dating, new fashions, and takeout soy food so you stay obedient to daddy for life. You wouldn’t want potential dates to think you’re poor, would you?

I long ago broke up with the regime. They hate my guts, and now I live in my mother’s house. You either abide by their rules or you take an alternative path of inconvenience, struggle, pain, and hardship that is lighted by Lord Jesus Christ. He is my master, not the regime, since I cannot have two masters. We are approaching a time where you must commit some type of sin against your fellow man if you want a good job. Our society is so corrupt that most economic activity targets our fallen nature in order to make money for corporations. Either carry your Cross or stay compliant with a vaccine schedule that uses aborted fetal cells, a heinous crime against God’s creatures.

No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. —Matthew 6:24

If you have secular parents, they will be offended that you decided to turn away from the track they put you on. They will scare you that you’ll end up homeless with no way of making a living, as if God won’t care at all about sheltering and feeding you. They will shoot down your ideas to be a blue-collar worker. They will make you feel guilty of all the money they have spent on your high school accordion lessons and university education where every day is gay pride day. They will force you to make a deal: become a regime man, kneel before your oligarch daddy, or get out of the house. I’m already seeing signs of this happening, and courageous young men are choosing to get out and follow God. A few of them have winded up in monasteries. Within five years, I wouldn’t be surprised if the monasteries are full of new monks who were on the regime path but refused it to serve God.

If you’re a secular person who has no problem with vaccines or marketing to human passion in order to make a buck, you won’t chafe at what I believe will be increasingly tyrannical and abusive demands by universities and corporations, but if you’re an Orthodox Christian, your conscience, the voice of God within you, will loudly object. It will ask you why you are participating in not the Kingdom of God but the Kingdom of Satan, and you will never feel that your comfortable job or high earnings are clean. Has any man been spiritually harmed by following their conscience? Either be an Orthodox Christian or be a regime man, but it will be impossible to be both.

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