The Real Agenda Behind Mad Dash to Get Every Child on the Planet Injected Against a Virus that Won’t Affect Them

"Robert S. Langer and his team at MIT developed and patented the technique whereby transdermal patches could be used to label people with invisible ink in order to store medical and other information subcutaneously. The research was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research.”

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Bill Gates’ Gavi Vaccine Alliance in 2018 published a paper on its INFUSE program that ought to be required reading for every parent of young children.

This document is guaranteed to give pause to any parent considering taking the advice of Dr. Anthony Fauci, their local public-school nurse or government-compliant pediatrician who insists they get their child jabbed.

Published more than a year before anyone had heard of Covid-19, the document explains why Fauci, Gates and the corrupt U.S. government are so intent on getting these “vaccines” into the bodies of younger and younger people.

Fauci, a longtime Gates associate who sits on the Leadership Council of the billionaire’s Decade of Vaccines Collaboration, started one year ago with a focus on getting those 65 and up jabbed with the new and highly experimental gene-based Covid “vaccines.” Now he is pushing the shots for 5-year-olds while making suggestions that he would like to see them given to infants and toddlers by spring of 2022.

The Gavi alliance, flush with $1.16 billion in taxpayer dollars it received under the administration of former President Trump, is partnering with the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the Gates Foundation and other globalist organizations to advocate for creating a registered, verifiable, digital ID for every child on the planet.

This ID will be tied to each child’s vaccination status.

Gavi’s 5-page paper on INFUSE states the following:

“Imagine a future in which all children have access to life-saving vaccines no matter where they live – a future in which parents and health workers ensure their timely vaccination, a future in which they have their own digitally stored health record that cannot be lost or stolen, a future in which, regardless of gender, economic or social standing, this record allows each child (and parents) to have access to a bank account, go to school, access services and ultimately build a prosperous life. This future is possible today. With the latest advances in digital technologies that enable more effective ways to register, identify births and to issue proof of identity and authentication for access to services – we are on the brink of building a healthier and more prosperous future for the world’s most vulnerable children.”

Don’t be confused by the bit about “building a healthier and more prosperous future.” That’s just window dressing. This is all about data collection and has nothing to do with health.

The real purpose behind the historic, unprecedented push to vaccinate the very young, even against diseases like Covid that do not pose a threat to them, is to fold the current generation of children into the blossoming global digital identity system. When they grow into adults, they will be so used to being tracked and monitored that most won’t even be able to comprehend warnings from the past about loss of privacy. They will be conditioned to feel comfortable with what earlier generations would consider smothering technocratic control over their lives.

Curious about the safety and efficacy of Covid injections for kids and teens? Watch 15-minute video interview with pediatrician Dr. Angelina Farella.

Gavi describes a global ID system that will include, by its own admission, personally identifiable information about each person’s education, health history, financial records and purchasing activity.

“In 2018, through INFUSE, Gavi is calling for innovations that leverage new technologies to modernize the process of identifying and registering the children who are most in need of life-saving vaccines.”

The above statement is right in line with U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 16.9, which calls for a digitized legal identity for all people worldwide, including birth registration, by 2030. This calls for collecting biometric data on every individual and storing it forever in the cloud.

Gavi refers to leveraging new technologies.

At some point, this will likely include the subdermal quantum-dot vaccines that can be delivered via a technology funded by Gates that was developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This technology allows medical information to be stored under the skin with the help of microneedles.

The invisible-ink tattoo contains quantum dots no larger than a few nanometers that form a QR code, visible only when illuminated by the infrared light from a cellphone app.

In December 2019, according to Free West Media:

“Robert S. Langer and his team at MIT developed and patented the technique whereby transdermal patches could be used to label people with invisible ink in order to store medical and other information subcutaneously. The research was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research.” [Emphasis added]

This technology is about so much more than vaccinations. This is a way to digitally mark every human being and develop an all-inclusive dossier of personal information that will follow each individual from cradle to grave, with none of it exempt from the prying eyes of Big Government and its corporate partners.

But don’t take this reporter’s word for it.

Under “ACCESS TO OTHER SERVICES,” on the below chart, Gavi reveals the real reason why it is so intent on getting dozens of vaccines into the arms of children, teens and young adults.

In the new technocratic beast system, information represents power, the way guns and tanks projected power in the pre-digital age.

Quite simply, Gates’ plans to digitally “register” our babies, toddlers and teens represents the gateway for globalist predators to exercise full-spectrum dominance over every aspect of their future adult lives. Throw into the mix the contents of the genetically modifying mRNA injections and the ultimate goal appears to not only wield greater control over the next generation but to make them less human.

Gavi blithely describes the far-reaching tentacles of a new global ID system it is building in partnership with Gates, the World Economic Forum, the Rockefeller Foundation and a host of other globalist powerhouses as follows:

“As the child grows, the digital child health card can be used to access secondary services, such as primary school or financial services, serving as the foundation for a broadly recognized digital identity.”

This system will eventually be required for participation in every aspect of society – health, education, banking, driving privileges, buying and selling – all wrapped in one integrated, globalized digital ID card that allows predatory technocrats to scoop up whatever data they want along your life’s path.

If the appropriately empowered stakeholders don’t like what they see — if your social credit score dips too low — they can “program” your bank account to shut off your access to the new digital money, or restrict your money’s availability to certain places and times.

Not surprisingly, Gavi is also tied in with another globalist initiative funded by Gates – the ID2020 Alliance – which counts among its “global partners” the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft and Accenture.

Under a sub-section of its 5-page paper titled “OPPORTUNITY,” Gavi states:

“According to the ID2020 Alliance – a public-private partnership that includes Gavi – the use of digital health cards for children could directly improve coverage rates by ensuring a verifiable, accurate record and by prompting parents to bring their children in for a subsequent dose. From the parents’ perspective, digital records can make it convenient to track a child’s vaccines and eliminate unnecessary paperwork. And as children grow, their digital health card can be used to access secondary services, such as primary school, or ease the process of obtaining alternative credentials. Effectively, the digital health card could, depending on country needs and readiness, potentially become the first step in establishing a legal, broadly recognized identity.”

The impact of this technology on society will be chilling.

And the technocrats at Gavi don’t envision any child having an out.

The above chart notes, in a rather sinister tone, that no child escapes the technocratic tyranny when it states:

“Innovated digital technologies are required at all stages of the immunization value chain to ensure that every child is reached with all recommended vaccines.”

Gavi brags that it “prevented more than 13 million deaths” around the world by providing vaccinations to children in poor countries. What you won’t find in any of its documents is how its biggest private financial backer, Bill Gates, also killed, sterilized and permanently harmed tens of thousands of kids in India and other countries with his experimental injections.

It’s time American politicians, Republican and Democrat alike, start being held accountable for their funding of globalist, predatory organizations like Gavi with billions in U.S. tax dollars. Even if you believe we’re doing children a favor by continuously increasing the number of vaccines pumped into their little bodies, how do you justify using the ever-growing vaccine schedule as a gateway to creating a global, digital identity for all people?

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