Modern American "Christianity" Is Actually Anti-Christian

We say that America is a Christian nation, but this is untrue. America is anti-christian, because it is anti-religious; and it is anti-religious because it is anti-traditional. Being against tradition, an attitude of unconstrained individualism, a disposition to assert rights rather than duties especially in the personal sphere, is the distinguishing characteristic of America. This attitude is precisely the attitude of Americanism. It's what makes America what it is.

Of course, some patina of Christianity lingers like rust on the Enlightenment liberalism of America. Americans are lightly influenced by a long dead Christian culture. We never make perfect breaks with the past.

Despite this anti-religious break, everything worthy in America came from Christianity. Christianity carried to America its whole heritage of ancient traditions. As much as it is possible in the secular west, Christianity preserved these traditions. Christianity still contains the germ of these traditions, ready to sprout should the rains falls and the weather be mild.

Such climes do not obtain for modern Americans. Who has, even among Christians, awareness of these traditional possibilities? Where are the men who know the deeper meaning of the doctrines about which they argue endlessly among their 30,000 denominations? Who rejects mere "believing," the fake and dramatic sentimentality of the church house, for the full "knowing" and practice of the Christian tradition?

Like a species pronounced extinct, I would like to see proof such men still exist in America. The existence of only one would be a great hope for the salvation of this country. I must admit to having never encountered such a man.

The West was Christian in the early Middle Ages, but it is not now. Before you say, "but it will be so again", remember that the readvent of Christianity in America would be the end of Americanism and the restoration of a heretofore unknown way of living in the world. In short, should America become a Christian nation, it would undo the Enlightenment liberalism that created modernity itself.

To restore America as a Christian nation, one must destroy the modern world.

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