Russia Fights Big Tech, Supports Conservatives (VIDEO)

Originally appeared at: TD

Dr. Steve Turley shows here how Russia, the world’s largest conservative power, is fighting big tech giant Google in behalf of a conservative channel known as “Tsargrad“, a conservative, Russian Orthodox Christian channel. This is a fascinating piece of news, showing an international component to the issue of free speech rights on the Internet.

Tsargrad sued Google and won, and there is a court order to put the channel back online. The owner of Tsargrad also is reaching to none less than President Donald Trump for help to move this “tech lash” forward.

Translated splash screen of

Now, one understands why the liberals, who control so much of the mainstream media and political forces, were quick to lump Mr. Trump and the Russians together: They share conservative views in common. Populism these days is largely conservative, and it has been mostly a reaction against imposed “liberalism” on various aspects of society and culture.

It is nice to see a bit of good news. I have already personally added Tsargrad to my bookmarks and news resources listings.

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