Follow the Real Science on COVID Vaccines for Children with an Orthodox Doctor (VIDEO)

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Reflections

“Don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit” (I Co 6:19)

Pathologist Dr (Paisios) Michael Robles, D.O. is a Texan, an Orthodox Christian, and thus a man of integrity. Currently a Medical Director of Ariana Sciences, he has over 30 years of experience in biomedical sciences and pathology. Since early 2020, Dr. Robles has been researching COVID, being blessed to consult many expert physicians who support early outpatient treatment and “vaccine” awareness. Dr. Robles, a pathologist, has done his part to help people with COVID, utilizing what he has learned regarding early outpatient COVID therapy.

We were privileged to host Dr. Paisios as part of our Journey Through Pandemia Webinar in January 2022.  During his talk, Dr. Paisios addressed many aspects of COVID and the so-called “vaccines”. What came through loud and clear was that in his highly-educated opinion, the jabs were not properly tested, are not effective, and under no circumstances should be given to children. This was at a time when 5-11 olds were in danger from these mRNA therapies. Now, they plan to jab babies and toddlers for whom, as Dr. Paisios makes clear, there is no possible benefit only possible harm. Potentially catastrophic harm, in fact.

By request we have published a video excerpt of just Dr. Paisios discussing the vaccines and his recommendation against children being sacrificed to the god of corporate greed. The new video focusing on vaccine safety and children is on Bit Chute and Rumble plus it is embedded below. It will be the most important 12 minutes you spend today.

We wanted to publish the video on YouTube so that we could more easily promote it, but we were censored. Here was their notification to us that Dr. Paisios would not be allowed to provide his educated, medical opinion:

This is not how science is done. When you censor an experienced pathologist in favor of the official, corrupt “narrative” – that is not “science”. That is tyranny. Science requires debate, not rigidly enforced orthodoxy handed down by “official” experts.

Please help us get the message out by sharing this video as much as possible on all social media. The lives, health, and future fertility of our children depend on parents knowing the truth. The Big Government – Big Pharma partnership wants very badly to make COVID shots and boosters part of the mandatory school vaccine schedule for all kids. Pfizer’s COVID-19 “vaccine” is already  the drugmaker’s top selling product and has helped drive up income by over 77%. That was before every child in America was eligible. Imagine the gravy train Pfizer has to look forward to, unless parents aggressively fight back. Knowledge is key in protecting our children, so share as much as you can.

Keep in mind, the US is the only nation injecting mRNA therapies into young children. How many American parents realize that our babies are test subjects while, in the rest of the world, their babies are safe?

For more information, including a sample treatment protocol for COVID and a recommended detox for the jabs, please visit our webinar resource page. If you are subject to a vaccine mandate, visit our page on religious exemptions.

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