Christians Blacklisted from the Economy

"We will have to count on each other to get through the tribulations to come, because if we don’t, it’ll be too hard to resist the Antichrist."

Originally appeared at: Roosh Valizadeh

If you are a devout Christian, possess conservative beliefs that originate from the truth, or choose not to be a slave to the billionaire oligarchs, you will soon have to pay because of it. Those who stand against the globalist agenda will gradually be excluded from commercial activity, forcing them to either comply with the current order or seek alternatives that cost more.

Last year I traveled to Montgomery, Alabama to work a construction job for one month. A popular website I would have liked to use is Airbnb, where you can rent furnished lodgings by the day, week, or month. Problem is I was banned from Airbnb, not because I trashed a house or had a problem with a host, but because of the political views I shared online. I had to instead rely on hotel booking sites that offered rooms without a kitchen for a far substantially higher price than what was available on Airbnb, which has a de facto monopoly on short-term furnished rentals. I was faced with the prospect of paying a lot more money for less, because Airbnb’s staff had determined that I was an anti-Semite and transgressor of progressive ideology who had to be punished.

Previously, the elites were content in silencing your voice. If you hurt their agenda, they’d ban you from participating in public spheres of discussion that they controlled, but we are now well into a new stage of economic blacklisting. Not only do they want to shut you up, but they want to block you from participating in the economy, and this blacklisting will not occur just for someone who shares the wrong idea on Facebook, but those who fail to comply with the mandates of the regime. If you fail to wear a useless face mask on an airplane, you will be banned from flying. If you fail to get a dangerous vaccine, you will be blocked from receiving higher education. If you fail to share your favorite Martin Luther King Jr. quote with sufficient tears at a work meeting during Black History Month, you will be denied a promotion and eventually laid off for fostering an “unsafe” work environment. It won’t just be public figures like myself who are affected by this blacklisting, but scores of normal Americans who don’t even use social media.

The blacklisting will begin to take place in earnest because powerful monopolies have been cemented in just about every sector of the economy. If they attempted to blacklist you before, you would have simply used an alternative that may have been cheaper and better, but now the alternative will either not exist or will be more expensive, not just objectively but also relatively since your income will be lower from not being able to get a job as the “conspiracy theorist” you are for holding views different than CNN. We will live in a time where many of our brethren won’t be able to obtain lodgings, education, employment, and eventually, non-insectoid food. They will be excised from the economy because of their heretical views, and there will be no government authority to take up their cause because “it’s a private company,” but if you operate a private company of your own and don’t want to service homosexuals, or you want to ignore the latest fake variant of coronavirus and utilize every table in your restaurant to serve diners, you will be shut down by the state. The companies are only “private” when they serve the will of the oligarchs.

If you’re a Christian, it’s hard not to connect what’s going on with the Antichrist system described in the Book of Revelations, where St. John’s vision explains the Mark of the Beast.

He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666. —Revelation 13:16-18

There are many interpretations of what the Mark really is, but we can agree that if you do not bend the knee to Antichrist, you will not be able to participate in the economy through buying and selling. Is it possible that this system of economic blacklisting will be perfected and fully implemented within our lifetimes? One class of citizens will have access to all the wares of society, mostly Chinese junk, while the other will have to scavenge because their fealty to God is higher than their desire for comfort in this world.

While in Alabama, I didn’t want to stay in a hotel room for one month, so I put out a call asking if there was anyone who had an extra room to rent. Two Christian men answered my call, and I ended up staying with one who absolutely refused to accept a single dollar in rent from me no matter how much I persisted. Airbnb blocked my access to lodgings and yet God responded by putting me in a home where I could further develop my faith with a man who was doing the same.

From my experience in Alabama, I learned an important lesson: do not worry about how the world persecutes you and cuts you off, but put trust in God to give you what you need from the hands of other Christians as you do the same to them when they are in need. We will have to count on each other to get through the tribulations to come, because if we don’t, it’ll be too hard to resist the Antichrist.

I’m sure I will eventually be blacklisted from even receiving money online, and you may be blacklisted from maintaining regular employment, but to that I say we should not worry, because as long as we maintain our faith, God will enlighten me to give you what you need and enlighten you to give me what I need, and we will deliver each other from harm through God’s mighty hand. We will never have to accept Satan’s globalist system and we will never be condemned along with the world. They can have their Airbnbs, Facebooks, banks, and all the other major companies of the world, because we won’t need them.

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