Rebelling Against the Anti-Christian System of the American Regime: A Freedman's Testimony

"Their peasant was obedient at first, but he has turned into a soldier of God, not with weapons but with his words, body, and soul. May God give us all the strength to speak the truth of Him until our deaths, because we are the peasant revolt. . ."

Originally appeared at: Roosh Valizadeh

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. I’m not supposed to be sharing the truth with you. They had a specific plan for me, but I figured out what it was and revolted against it. They punished me to get me back in line, but I will never follow them. They aren’t yet sure what to do with people like me who go against their will to expose their schemes and their lawlessness. My existence is proof that things are not going well for them.

In 1965, a certain demographic in America agitated for a looser immigration law. Historically, most immigrants came from Christian Europe, but the law changed, opening the borders to anybody, including the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. My father was one of the first to benefit from this new law. He immigrated from Iran before the revolution on a student visa. Not long after, my mom immigrated with her entire family from Turkey (she’s Armenian), and additional family members came after that. They liked America. It’s easier, safer, more comfortable, and there’s more freedom. I expect both of my parents to remain in this country for the rest of their lives.

The plan of the regime was simple: culturally sterilize the white population, their greatest threat to power (as clearly evidenced by the recent Canadian truckers’ protest), and replace them with atomized non-European people who will obey any directive to come and reside in the United States to enjoy its first-world comforts. Through the pursuit of their material self-interests, my parents unknowingly consented to this plan. They had two children who were supposed to accept without question the prime directives of the regime: consumerism, comfort, casual sex. Their son abided by this plan and exceeded it to a foul degree. He injected the sexual revolution with the addition of steroids, spreading degeneracy around the Western world and unknowingly aiding the depopulation agenda through the fulfillment of his carnal desires. He was supposed to be a rootless Cosmopolitan who supports abortion and foments grievances against America for being racist against non-whites. He was supposed to feed the divide-and-conquer plan of men versus women so they would never pairbond and create families. He was supposed to be an obedient corporate worker, a mindless consumer, an enjoyer of soybean oil. He was supposed to do all this for the remainder of his life, to be a mere peasant who survives day to day with the aid of entertainment, industrial food, credit, pornography, and normalized passions sponsored by the elite. Some of this he did, and some he didn’t, but something happened along the way.

Within history you will find stories of the slave girl catching the eye of a member of the noble class. He reproduces with the slave girl. His spawn, sent back to the slum, is obviously smarter than the rest of the slaves. He learns how to read and write. Providence sends him a tutor. He comes to understand the system. This half-breed then speaks for his people, a generation of the disenfranchised. He becomes a thorn in the side of his father’s allies. He gains a following that challenges an elite class who expects to maintain their rule forever. They’re vigorously challenged and eventually must make concessions. How many peasant “half-breeds” are there in America right now, not racially but in socioeconomic class, knowledge, and faith, who were educated in atheist universities to be shown a window of the pleasurable ways of the world of man, and went on to flatly refuse to be a little machine for creating wealth and consent for the oligarchs, or a subhuman beast to satisfy sinful desires, but instead unsheathed the sword of God to speak of the truth of Lord Jesus Christ?

If you put the truth above all, even above the gratification that comes from physical intimacy, which most men cannot do, you will eventually come face to face with the Almighty Creator, and that’s what happened to me at the age of 39, when I received the grace of God and rejected the plan of the regime to serve their will, when I rejected the plan of Satan to give him my soul. They gave me a degree in microbiology to use in developing vaccines, and I now use that knowledge to forcefully speak out against vaccines. They gave me the internet and computer technology to be programmed by their words, and I attempt to counter that programming with my own words. They gave me the experiences of promiscuity, travel, and minor fame, and I use those experiences to speak of the harm of having attachments to this temporal, fallen world. Their plan has failed and they cannot stop me, because even if I am imprisoned or killed, they will only increase the intensity of the spotlight that I shine on Lord Jesus Christ, who is the progenitor of any good word I may say or good deed I may do in this life.

The second I started to speak the truth outside of their Overton window, the regime activated against me. Their peasant was not behaving correctly. Small punishments tried to get me in line, but then bigger ones, until I was banned from numerous platforms and even nations. My ability to spread the truth has been diminished, and I know they are not done with me, but a part of me feels that I’m only getting started, because I learned that my old master is a wicked master. He lied to me for my entire life. His ownership over me was false and illegitimate, because through my free will I decided to be owned only by God, my true master and Creator, who chose me out of this decaying world to love Him and follow his commandments. They should have never let my parents enter this country. Their peasant was obedient at first, but he has turned into a soldier of God, not with weapons but with his words, body, and soul. May God give us all the strength to speak the truth of Him until our deaths, because we are the peasant revolt.

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