Some Politicians Too Reckless About the Possibility of War — Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev)

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Christianity

Some Russian politicians display too much bravado and are too reckless with the possibility of war, believes His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk.

Nevertheless, the head of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations hopes that world leaders will have the wisdom to prevent the outbreak of a new world war.

“I have great concern for the way the situation is developing—the stories with the expulsion of diplomats, the stories with the reduction of embassy staff. I think that if all this does not come to a halt and stop at some point, it will lead to very sorrowful consequences,” His Eminence said on the recent episode of the Church and the World program on Russian television, reports Interfax-Religion.

According to the Metropolitan, many people today have lost the idea that war is evil, as the Second World War ended already 76 years ago. “There are fewer and fewer people who still remember the war, and they’re being replaced by young people who are sometimes very militant.”

Even some politicians don’t take the threat of war seriously enough, Vladyka Hilarion explained: “And even some politicians now say that Russia has always won all wars; we’re not afraid of anything; whoever comes to us with a sword will die by the sword.”

And in any case, as Met Hilarion noted, Russia has not won all of its wars, and even when it has won, it has still suffered massive losses. Although Russia was on the winning side in the First World War, for example, the war led to large-scale casualties and the collapse of the empire, His Eminence said.

“Therefore, to say that we’re not afraid of war ... is a very irresponsible statement, especially at the present time, when the whole world is a powder keg, when a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons has been accumulated and when, in the absence of deterrent factors, the use of weapons could lead to a global catastrophe” the DECR head warned.

He is counting on politicians do everything they can to street negotiations in a peaceful direction, to avoid an all-out conflict and global war.

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