The St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre: 2021

Originally appeared at: Monomakhos

OK, so while no Protestants were massacred in Paris this year (as opposed to what happened back in 1572), you could say that a lot of our Church’s canons were massacred the other day. 

For those who may not know, bishops from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese chose to celebrate the Divine Liturgy at St Bartholomew’s Episcopal Cathedral in New York City. The celebrant (and homilist) was Archbishop Elpidophoros, the primate of that jurisdiction. 

Now, caveats aside: St Bartholomew’s is a magnificent edifice. I’ve seen it myself and architecturally, it is stunning, with significant Byzantine influences. I wouldn’t mind seeing it being gifted to the Orthodox Church (all things being equal). However things aren’t equal, are they? St. Bart’s is completely on board with the whole globo-homo agenda.  Earlier  they “blessed” the gay pride flag because this month is Gay Pride Month. You know, if you’re going to march in a parade, it’d be a good idea to bless your organization’s banners. Somehow though, I missed the part in the Bible that said there should be a month dedicated to sodomy – much less a parade.

Now we know why the GOA chose to celebrate St Bartholomew’s day: it’s the patronal feast of His Holiness, the Ecumenical Patriarch. It’s not a bad idea all things considered. That’s the official story anyway.

But let’s be honest:  this thing has “hidden agenda” written all over it.  

First, I fervently believe that this was a case of special pleading, a way to keep His Holiness’ name in the papers.  (Perhaps to make up for the loss of Hagia Sophia?)  As we could tell from the uninspired homily given by the Archbishop, the ecological and globalist ministry of Bartholomew was front and center.  He hit all the right buzzwords that make ‘Piskies and other globalists (but nobody else) get all warm and fuzzy inside.  

You know, “nationalism bad/Bartholomew tolerant”.

Secondly, you gotta hand it to the ‘Piskies, they’re dying on the vine but they still have major moolah propping them up.  I’d say that even if they dwindle down to a few dozen parishes and weddings between man and beast are sanctified, it’ll be no skin off their bones.  And that’s because of their trust funds which are massive.  They’ll keep going for at least another couple of generations.  As long as the Left controls the high ground of information, they’ll also continue to spew out their propaganda.

The GOA is also no stranger to propaganda, mind you, with ridiculous misinformation about how many members they have, while the Phanar boldly misinforms people about their universal supremacy based on a completely ahistorical misreading of Canon 28. They can’t seem to help themselves; Byzantines gotta byzantine. It’s in their DNA.  And who knows? Maybe they can effect a union of sorts and get access to some of their funds?  

Finally, it sent a powerful signal to the Globalists that the Istanbul patriarchate –unlike those wascally Wussians–is totally on board with the entire globo-homo agenda. (In a wink-wink/nod-nod sort of way if you get my drift.)  At this point, I wouldn’t have been surprised if during the Entrances, an altar boy led the procession carrying the gay flag.  Right now, perhaps a bridge too far, but in time – you never know. 

Fortunately, none of the bishops from the other jurisdictions were there.  Word on the street was that Metropolitan Tikhon of the OCA (a former Episcopalian by the way) was “on vacation”.  Metropolitan Joseph of the Antiochian jurisdiction had “another commitment”.  From where I sit, those are good things.  

The original St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre was perpetrated by mobs of Parisian Catholics on the French Huguenots (Calvinists) during the French Wars of Religion.  Estimates of the victims range from 5,000 to perhaps as many as 35,000.  The spark was the marriage of Charles IX’s sister Margaret, to the Protestant prince Henry III of Navarre on the 23rd of August (the feast-day of St Bartholomew on the Catholic calendar).  Several of the most prominent Huguenot nobles showed up for that wedding, thinking that this signaled the end of the inter-religious wars, however, unbeknownst to them (and for reasons that remain murky) Charles ordered the targeted assassination of several of the most prominent Huguenots.  Within hours, a conflagration spread and Catholic mobs in Paris went on a rampage killing thousands of other Protestants.  

Ultimately, what this signals to everybody who is not in the GOA, is that Patriarch Bartholomew is doubling down on the entire globalist agenda.  As far as he’s concerned, it’s a done deal.  (For more information, please see Nick Stamatakis’ analysis on Helleniscope.

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