Muslims Force Christians to Pay Fee to Enter Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Istanbul, Turkey (Constantinople)

Tourists will pay 25 euros ($27 USD) to visit the Hagia Sophia

Originally appeared at: UOJ

Non-Muslims making a pilgrimage to the Hagia Sophia cathedral will be charged an entrance fee, in a major policy change after the building was converted from a museum to a mosque by the Turkish government.

The minister said foreign visitors would start to pay a fee to enter the mosque starting Jan. 15, 2024., reports the Turkish resource NTV.

The Turks have turned Hagia Sophia into a mosque. Photo: NTV

In the cathedral, which the authorities have turned into a functioning mosque for several years, the authorities have organized routes by which tourists will not interfere with the religious practices of Muslims.

Tourists will enter Sofia through the southern entrance and enter the gallery through a tunnel.

"With the system implemented with the QR code application in the Hagia Sophia Cathedral, visitors will be able to receive information in 23 languages without disturbing the worshipers, via the headphones of their mobile phones or disposable headphones to be provided," the report said.

As reported, Erdogan called the Hagia Sophia a symbol of the Turkish era.

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