Tactile Models for the Blind Now Available in St. Basil's Cathedral

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Two tactile models of St. Basil's Cathedral (Pokrovsky Cathedral) are now available for blind and visually impaired visitors to this historic church in Moscow.

The creation of models of the temple is dedicated to the 460th anniversary of the Intercession Cathedral, which is celebrated in 2021, reports RIA Novosti.

“Today we are presenting two tactile models within the framework of a large project ('The Intercession Cathedral: the Territory of Accessibility' - ed.), It has been implemented at the State Historical Museum since 2018 and is aimed at working with inclusive programs and increasing the availability of the entire complex of the State Historical Museum" - said Tatiana Saracheva, head branch of the State Historical Museum "Pokrovsky Cathedral at the presentation " .

She noted that since The Intercession Cathedral is a UNESCO monument, it should be as accessible as possible to everyone, which is written in the organization's charter.

Thus, now on the territory of the temple-museum there is its metal tactile model, and inside the temple, visitors with visual impairments can touch a collapsible tactile model made of plastic, which is supplemented by an audio guide with audio commentary.

Thanks to these models, the blind and visually impaired can get acquainted with the architecture of the temple and study it in every detail.

Source: foma.ru (Russian)

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