Three-quarters of Americans Think the US Headed in Wrong Direction - POLL

Originally appeared at: TASS

Almost three-quarters of US residents think that their country is heading in the wrong direction according to a national NBC News poll published on Sunday.

According to the survey, 74% of respondents expressed this opinion, representing the fifth-straight NBC News poll showing this number in the 70s. Additionally, 58% believe that "America’s best days are behind it" while 68% of those surveyed agree that the US is currently in an economic recession.

Six in 10 Americans are dissatisfied with the state of affairs in the country: 61% of the respondents are "willing to carry a protest sign for an entire day." US President Joe Biden’s performance is approved by 42%.

The survey was conducted from August 12 through 16, several days after the FBI searched ex-US President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida and recovered documents marked as "top secret."

Some 1,000 people participated in the poll with an overall margin of error of 3.1%.

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