Shameful Images in Hagia Sophia: Imam Held Sword of ‘Conquest’

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Times

Thousands of Muslims took part in the group prayer, led by Ali Erbaş, Turkey’s supreme imam.

This is the first year that Bayram is celebrated in Hagia Sophia after Erdogan’s decision to convert the Hagia Sophia museum into a mosque. In fact, this happened a few hours after the new condemnation by the USA of the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque, as reported in the 2020 Report on International Religious Freedom.

Ali Erbas made his mark during the prayer by holding a sword, which is a symbol of conquest, thus upholding the Muslim tradition.

“These celebrations take place at very special moments and they are very important, they unite our hearts and strengthen our brotherhood,” he said in his message.

Hundreds of Muslims gathered in the courtyard of Hagia Sophia to pray as reported by

The Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Mustafa Şentop, was also present at the first prayer of the Muslims.

As it is known, Hagia Sophia operated as a museum for 87 years. From 1453 to 1934 it was a mosque, a status to which it provocatively returned by decision of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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