Forget YouTube! Russian RUTUBE Announces Relaunch of Online Platform


Russia's leading video platform RUTUBE was relaunched in April, according to a press release. The first changes affected the web version of the site: a complete redesign of the interface, convenient navigation, new color schemes and content management features.

Users can now watch content without registration, upload videos through a user-friendly studio, create thematic playlists and monetize their content.

Sections with podcasts, educational content, and broadcasts are available in the beta version. In the near future, users will be able to launch their own streams on RUTUBE, and in Q3 they will be able to sell live merchandise and download podcasts.

"We reformatted the platform in a short time, changed the content policy and launched new sections. Now you can watch and listen to content in a quick and convenient player. This is not all innovations and changes, we have a lot of work to do", says RUTUBE CEO Roman Maximov.

In the III quarter of 2021 we plan to restart mobile application, SmartTV and modification of content management functions.

Currently the library of the platform has more than 3 million videos.

On RUTUBE collected content from federal channels, the largest studios and authors.

Source: (Russian)