Russian Parliament Observes Minute of Silence for Brutally Murdered Tsar and Family

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For the first time ever, the Russian State Duma honored the martyred Tsar Nicholas II and all the victims of the civil war with a minute of silence during its plenary session, at the 101st anniversary of the martyrdom of the Royal Family.

“Today we propose to honor the memory of the last Russian tsar, to honor the memory of those innocently killed—all who died in the crucible of the civil war,” Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin tld his colleagues, who, hearing such words, rose from their seats, reports TASS.

Photo: TASS

The motion to honor the Tsar was raised by the head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and supported by the heads of the other factions, with the exception of the Communist Party, though its deputies who were present also stood for the minute of silence.

“Thank you all, because reconciliation beings when we all understand that it mustn’t be repeated, it is unacceptable,” said Volodin following the minute of silence. “I think the fact that today all the political factions of the State Duma honored the memory is a good basis to talk about the future,” he concluded, with the chamber reacting with applause.

“This means that all political forces represented in the Russian Parliament oppose civil confrontation, for the resolution of disputes and conflicts in a peaceful, democratic way,” commented Andrei Isaev, the First Deputy Head of the Duma, noting that many deputies are in favor of making the minute of silence on the day of the Royal Martyrs an annual tradition.

The Royal Martyrs were also honored by 60,000 faithful with a nighttime Liturgy and cross procession in Ekaterinburg. OrthoChristian also reported on the Vigil and Liturgy for the Royal Martyrs at the Monastery of St. John the Forerunner in Mesa Potamos, Cyprus.

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