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NEWS: Russia Wants to Ban Inappropriate Ads on Children's TV

 Russian lawmakers want to ban weapons & alcohol ads on children's TV


Editor's note: Russia's move towards conservative values is fundamentally changing the nation's laws and culture. In particular, the attempt to make the internet and TV safer for children's physical, mental and moral health by making violent, overly political, and otherwise inappropriate content less accessible for children, has been addressed at a political level. This movement is based on the idea that children should be formed more by their family and parents and less by companies making a profit.

The Lower House Committee for Information Policy has backed a motion banning advertisers from promoting alcohol, pharmaceuticals, gambling and weapons on kids’ radio and TV programs.

Amendments drafted by parliamentary majority party United Russia state that children’s shows on radio and television must not contain commercials for alcohol products, medications and medical equipment, food supplements, weapons and military equipment or financial or gambling services, according to the committee's press release.

The same bill also increases the time limit of ad blocks on TV shows from nine minutes to 12 minutes per hour of broadcasting. Commercial breaks in general on any given channel must not exceed 15 percent of the overall daily broadcasting time.

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