Russian Faith in German is Officially LIVE

Spreading the word to our fellow German-speaking Christians that there is an amazing Christian renaissance in Russia...and that through our joined efforts and faith, the resurgence of traditional values may very well spread to the world


Our Dear Friends!

We have an exciting announcement! The German version of Russian faith is officially live! You can see it here:

This brand new medium allows us to speak directly to another bastion of fellow traditional Christians among the German speakers of the world.

Russian Orthodox Church in Wiesbaden, Germany​​​​ — Photo by Hans Dachs

There are more than 200 million German-speaking people worldwide. It is the primary language in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. It's the co-official language in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the province of South Tyrol in Italy. It is also a recognized minority language in the Czech Republic, Italy, Kazakhstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Denmark.

We can now spread the word to them that there is an amazing, largely ignored Christian renaissance in Russia . . . and that through our joined efforts and faith, the resurgence of traditional values may very well spread to the world.

A Huge Thank You To Our Amazing Volunteers 

Firstly, we want to thank our amazing volunteers who made launching the German site possible. Fueled by boundless enthusiasm and desire to serve Truth, they have translated articles on their own time and of their own volition.

We Need Writers and Translators

Secondly, we want to emphasize that the German version of Russian Faith opens a wide platform of action for you, our readers. If anyone is willing to help us with translations, ideas, or new articles in German, we need you!  Please write to us at:

An Update on Our Winter Fund Drive

Thirdly, an update on our winter fundraiser, which began in December. We want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your generous support, both financial and spiritual.

However, the truth is, we’ve raised less than 1/4 of our fundraising goal.

To be perfectly frank: since the beginning of our site a year ago, Russian Faith has been running almost purely on the enthusiasm of a handful of people.

We have been doing everything possible to keep Russian faith alive simply because we truly believe that it is exactly what the world needs.

Our enthusiasm is still there–which is why, against all odds, Russian Faith is still publishing.  

But for it to survive and, furthermore, reach its full potential, which we believe is very great indeed (read more about our mission statement here), we need funding.

We only have a couple weeks left! If you can help us, please do!


If not, write for us! Volunteer! Share! Join our email list! Or just let us know what we are doing well and what we could do better!

Help Russian Faith continue to bring you the news of the Christian world that you will not find anywhere else, guaranteed.


Vera Reid

Deputy Editor

Russian Faith

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