Russian Faith Christian Site Attacked by $700 Million 'Woke' Megacorporation (Mailchimp) - Help Us Fight Back!

With no warning, our accounts disappeared. We could not send out any more Russian Faith newsletters. We could not advertise any fundraisers or news stories. New readers suddenly had no way to subscribe . . .


The lifeblood of an organization is its customer list. Lose that — lose contact with one's entire support base — and the organization cannot survive. That means Mailchimp holds the livlihood of numerous organizations in its very hands. Suffer an unexpected attack on your customer contact list, and your organization is not going to make it.

Whenever their employees secretly disabled all of the Russian Faith mailing list accounts we had paid for, perhaps this is the version of the Mailchimp logo that they were wearing on their shirts at the time they did it:

Mailchimp is a 700 million dollar American megacorporation headquarted in Atlanta, Georgia. Billed as a marketing company, Mailchimp provides mailing list services to thousands of companies and organizations.

Being the industry leader in this field, they appeared to be the obvious choice to handle the thousands of names and email addresses on the Russian Faith mailing list.

Then about six weeks ago — without any warning — the Russian Faith mailing list disappeared. Our Mailchimp accounts disappeared. We could not send out any more Russian Faith newsletters. We could not advertise any fundraisers or news stories.

Worst of all, when new readers would try to subscribe to Russian Faith, their contact information disappeared into a virtual cyber black hole, because suddenly the website software was disconnected from the mailling list software, and thus it had no where to send the information.

We tried contacting Mailchimp, to find out why that cut off the Russian Faith account with no warning. Days went by, and we received no response.

Finally, we were able to get through to a worker at Mailchimp. They said that our website is guilty of "hate speech", and so they decided to shut down our account with no warning.

Hate speech? Seriously? Russian Faith is a website that promotes traditional Christianity. We don't advocate anything that hasn't been advocated by Christians for centuries. We wanted to know what "hate speech" we had published, but Mailchimp wouldn't tell us.

We may assume — based on Mailchimp's corporate promotion of sodomy — that they are offended by the many articles that Russian Faith publishes in support of the traditional family.

We support marriage between one man, and one woman. Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve. In any case, Mailchimp unilaterally decided to show us the door, and they didn't even have the courtesy to let us know ahead of time.

After negotiating with them, they finally agreed to let us keep the contents of the mailing list we had built over the years. They provided a temporary password, so that we could download all the information.

After that, it still took a while to get everything back up and running again. You can't just write up a regular email and throw 5,000 email addresses into the "To:" field. Gmail doesn't let you do that. To send a newsletter to all the Russian Faith subscribers, we first had to do some research and identify different companies offering services that are similar to Mailchimp.

After some weeks of looking, we finally settled on a new piece of software. We connected the new account to the Russian Faith website so that new readers can subscribe. We uploaded the mailing list. And we started from scratch to create a new newsletter format.

Meanwhile, we have faithfully continued our daily regimen, publishing great new Russian Faith articles every day: 

Would you be willing to consider a generous donation to maintain good stability for our team, so that we can continue publishing great content, keeping the Russian Faith operations moving in the right direction?

Our team has grown over the past year, and we have been able to increase both the quantity and quality of publications. If you would consider increasing your monthly recurring donation by an additional 4 or 5 dollars, we would be very grateful, and we would put your money to good use, continuing to improve the Russian Faith website.

Even without a penny, you can still help us a lot, by sharing this article far and wide with everyone you know. Help us get the word out! Let everyone know what this unscrupulous Mailchimp corporation has done, and show them that you are willing to do something about it. Share this article via email, MeWe, Twitter, Facebook, and every other way you can imagine. That way everyone can see the truth, avoid Mailchimp, and support the Russian Faith website. It's a great way to help get the monkey off our back!

Just a few days ago, we sent our our first newsletter in over a month. We are thankful for the positive response that it received. But we regret all the difficulties and inconveniences that were caused by Mailchimp in the mean-time.

It has been nearly a year since our last fundraiser, and especially after this recent attack from Mailchimp, we could really use your assistance. For the Russian Faith website to reach its goals at this point, we are trying to raise $10,000 by mid-summer, and we really hope that you can help us. If you are able to give a generous one-time donation, we will be grateful. 

Even better, it is a true blessing whenever you can add a couple dollars a month as a recurring donation. For one person, two or three dollars may not go very far. But when a thousand readers join forces together, those two and three dollar donations can really make a big difference to those of us working on the Russian Faith website team.

We are not owned by any big news media companies, we are not affiliated with any government agencies, and we do not have any large corporate donors. We are just a handful of normal Christian families, working together to create a great website for the glory of God. And we thank you for giving us the opportunity to do this. We depend on your support.

Whenever you support the Russian Faith website, if you want to know which families you are helping to feed, just click here to Meet the Team.

Thank you so much for your generosity! May the Lord bless you and your family! Please keep us in your prayers.

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