Russian Enclave in Post-Christian Europe Is a 'Spiritual Outpost' - Head of the Russian Church


Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia noted the increasing role of Kaliningrad against the backdrop of the current situation around Russia.

"I have already said many times that Kaliningrad is really a border region, it is the only region of Russia that borders on the European Union. Given that for various reasons, largely rationally unexplained, there is an extremely unfriendly attitude towards Russia on the part of Western countries, the role of Kaliningrad is very much growing today. I do not speak about secular or military aspects, but it is an outpost in a spiritual sense," the Patriarch said at a meeting with Kaliningrad Governor Anton Alikhanov during his pastoral visit to the region.

The Patriarch pointed out that a loss of religiosity and Christian identity is taking place in the world today, including Western Europe, where "Western countries no longer call themselves Christians, and religion is effectively relegated to the margins of public and private life.

According to the patriarch, they "do not need to show and prove anything, God is with them, let them live as they see fit. But for themselves," he says, "it is very important to understand that the strength of Russia is in its spiritual roots."

Source: (Russian)

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