Russian Church Vows to Help Rebuild Christian Syria

The ties between Russia and Syria are ancient - The Russian Orthodox Faith came from Antioch, Syria, where the disciples of Jesus were first called Christian (Acts 11:26)

The Meetings of the Antiochian (left) Patriarch John X with Patriarch Kirill in Moscow

The leader of the Russian Church, Patriarch Kirill promised that the Russian Church will help Syria to cope with post-war problems in every way possible, Interfax Religion reports.

His main concern is to help reestablish ancient Christian communities, many of which were ravaged by western-backed terrorists fighting the legitimate Syrian government. Many monasteries and Churches were damaged, for example, the Mar Taqla Monastery in Maaloula, where they speak the same language which Jesus spoke - Aramaic.

The Mar Tekla Monastery, which contain the Relics of Saint Tekla is built into the side of a mountain. 

Orthodox priests and believers were cruelly persecuted. My mother’s family is distantly related to  Father Fadi Haddad, a priest martyred by extremists in Qatana, a village within sight of the biblical Mount Hermon.

The conflict in Syria has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, including the country’s Orthodox Christian Defense Minister

Since the Russia intervened in the Civil War, the fight against terrorism has been the labor of the Russian air force in the sky and the Syrian Army on the ground.

They turned the tide, so Syrians view Russia as their greatest friend and ally.

The Patriarch stated on Wednesday in his report at the Bishops' Council in Moscow:

"The time has come to seriously consider resolving the problems that Syria will face after the establishment of peace in this country.

The most important issue is creating safe conditions for Christians living in Syria and to aid the return of refugees.

Reconstruction of destroyed churches, infrastructure and housing is necessary.

The Russian Orthodox Church will contribute in every way to this process."

The spiritual leader pointed to the significance of his meeting with the Pope in February last year to determine and resolve the conflict in the Middle East. After the signing of the joint statement, the persecution of Christians was called what it is - "genocide," he explained.

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