Miracle in the Russian Church with Holy Icons

Several icons began to pour myrrh in the Trinity Church, located in Kondrov . . .

Originally appeared at: NIKA

The website quotes the words of the rector of the church in honor of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity Vyacheslav Saburov, that such a phenomenon is God's mercy to the believers.

“During the pandemic, many people reduced or completely stopped attending the temple. I think that it is very difficult for people morally in this situation, and therefore we need to seek salvation in faith, and the Lord sends a Miracle for consolation so that we can accept it as a gift. The Lord thus reminds that He is very close."

— said Archpriest Vyacheslav.

The site of the temple displays photographs of myrrh-streaming icons.

As many clergy believe, speaking of myrrh-streaming, this phenomenon always requires a careful attitude.

"Do not accept and do not reject... The Lord Himself will reveal the truth to us, if it pleases Him."

— this wise advice of the holy fathers is quoted by many Orthodox portals, reminding that a balanced approach is necessary to such facts, and the pursuit of "a miracle for the sake of a miracle" has never been typical of true Christians.

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