Pope Wants to Destroy the Church and Create a Masonic Travesty - RCC Hierarch

This Catholic hierarch believes that the coronavirus pandemic situation is being used to move from the kingdom of Christ to the kingdom of the Antichrist through a "great reset."


Former papal nuncio to the United States, Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano believes that Pope Francis wants to destroy the Roman Catholic Church and instead create a "Masonic parody," reports gloria.tv.

According to Viganò, quarantine restrictions imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic are "a crime against God and humanity.

The RCC hierarch believes that a "beautifully framed pseudopandemic" is being used to create a worldwide crisis.

He is convinced that we are witnessing "a single scenario" devised by politicians, scientists, bishops, journalists and intellectuals who want to make a "great reset," and "move from the kingdom of Christ to the kingdom of the Antichrist."

Viganò argues that "ecumenism substitutes false religions, creating a pantheon and destroying Catholicism," and that "Catholics will soon be equated with criminals."

The archbishop stressed that Pope Francis, by his actions, is "destroying the Church in order to create a Masonic travesty.

Source: spzh.ru (Russian)

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