An Omen? 10-Ft. Cross Falls from Dome of St. Sophia's Cathedral in Kiev

A cross also fell from St. Sophia’s in 1943 after it was struck by lightning - the year when the Russians retook Kiev from the Germans. . .

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Christianity

Thankfully, no one was hurt when a large metal cross came crashing down from one of the domes of the famous St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kiev.

The 10-foot cross was blown off by strong winds overnight from Monday to Tuesday. Experts are now examining the rest of the crosses, reports

Vadim Kirilenko, Deputy General Director of the St. Sophia’s Museum said the fault lies with those who last restored the crosses, 40 years ago, who either finished the job too hastily or used incorrect materials. They were aware of the defect, but were waiting for warmer weather to begin repairs.

A cross also fell from St. Sophia’s in 1943 after it was struck by lightning.

St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kiev is a beautiful 11th-century monument of Kievan Rus’, erected by Yaroslav the Wise. It is one of Ukraine’s best known landmarks and was the first site to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List along with the Kiev Caves Lavra complex.

Regular services haven’t been held there since 1929, and the cathedral is now a museum owned by the state. Accordingly, state events, such as the so-called “unification council” that created the schismatic “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” in 2018, are often held there.

virtual tour of the cathedral was launched in 2020.

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