Moscow Churches - No Equipment or Materials from Western Europe or America

"Effective today, only Russian-made items will be used in our church construction projects . . ."

Originally appeared at: Global Orthodox

"Taking into account the present wave of Russophobia, skillfully orchestrated by NATO, the European Union, and the media, it is necessary to take proactive measures," said Mr. Vladimir Ressin, supervisor of the church construction program in the Russian capital.

"No more equipment or materials imported from Western countries will be used for churches under construction, or for churches which are planned to be built in Moscow," said Mr. Ressin. We cannot afford to rely on those suppliers, on their price quotes and terms of shipment, while we have to fulfil our obligations to the residents of the city. Effective today, only Russian-made items will be used in our church construction projects."

As an example, Mr. Ressin cited the construction of the church dedicated to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in the Moscow precinct Shukino, next to the subway station, slated for completion in late 2022. "We have rescinded on our intent to purchase German-made heating furnaces. That will make us independent from anyone’s whims when it comes to spare parts supply," observed the program supervisor.

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