More Support For Large Families in Siberia, Russia

Families of three or more children will receive additional monthly cash payments co-funded by the regional authorities and the Russian government, which has exhibited its active support for large families throughout the past few years

As of 2018, families in Omsk with three or more children will receive monthly cash payments, in addition to the family benefits already offered for large families in the region, Russian Gazette reports.

The size of the allowance will be equal to the subsistence level for children in the Omsk region. Today, that is equal to 9,323 rubles (about $157) per month.

. The Urevich family, a beautiful example of a Russian Orthodox family. The father is a priest, and the mother, Olga, authored a wonderful book titled Matushka's Flowers, which tells the story of their family life, full of love, patience, faith and joy

A similar program was already adopted in the region several years ago, but curtailed due to “lack of funds.”

At the time, "Our joy was limitless," Marina Karabaeva, chairman of the organization "Siberian Large Families," told the Russian Gazette. "It is a very significant addition to the family budget.”

However, only those families who had a baby in 2013 received the allowance, and the program was hastily curtailed due to the "improving demographic situation" and budget shortages. Parents who had believed the authorities were very disappointed.

"For several years we have been fighting to get this back," says Ales Gigoryev, the mother of six children. -“After all, the mothers on maternity leave should be calmly educating and nurturing their kids, not thinking about how to feed the family and about where to earn money.”

This year, however, the regional authorities managed to receive co-financing from the Russian government, which has exhibited its strong support for large families throughout the past few years, for this social support in Siberia. Thus,

  • For the next three years, the Omsk region will receive at least 600 million rubles from the state treasury.

  • At the same time, one billion rubles will be allocated from the regional budget to support large families.

  • According to officials' forecasts, in 2018 at least five thousand parents should receive a significant increase to the family budget.

In the Omsk region, the frequency of second, third and subsequent children has been increasing with every year, which, for the long-term demographic development of the region, is a very important achievement.

The Shishkins, the biggest family in Russian today

Vladimir Kupriyanov, the Minister of Labor and Social Development of the region, told Russian Gazette. "I am sure that this measure of social support, which we are now talking about, will also give a positive result." Here's some information more information about the large families in the Omsk Region. 

  • Today in the Omsk region there are about 27 thousand ‘large’ families and almost nine thousand of them live in Omsk.
  • For the birth of a third or subsequent child, the family is given regional maternity capital, the size of which is 138,266 rubles.
  • The money can be used for improving housing conditions, education of the child or other services
  • In the current year, 121 families with children have used this opportunity

In general, Russian society is primarily supportive of large families, the number of which has increased in the country by 25% over the past 6 years.

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