LAUNCH DAY: Tim Kirby Russia!


It’s Launch Day Friends!

I was offered the opportunity to have a small staff help me put together a show that would seriously get into looking at the politics, geopolitics, ideology and hard news between US-Russian relations from my own unique standpoint. Naturally I jumped at the chance to do this after some late nights today we have officially launched “Tim Kirby Russia”.

For those of you who enjoy the serious side of my work you will love this program and since I have been banned from Facebook and Instagram I would please ask you to follow this program and share it around!

You can see everything of a serious political nature that I do on my telegram channel...

Or you can watch the show directly as it comes out every week on the following platforms…
-Rumble —-
-Gab —-
-YouTube —-

Thanks to everyone who has supported the “hardcore” side of my work over the last decade. It is YOU who created this opportunity for me and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

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