Holy Scripture Fully Translated Into Ossetian Language, Completing 19-Year Project

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Christianity

Translators have been hard at work for the past 19 years preparing a complete translation of the Holy Scriptures into the Ossetian language.

Now, the project is complete and pre-publication preparations are underway, in time for the 1100th anniversary of the Baptism of Alania, which will be festively celebrated next year.

The Republic of North Ossetia-Alania is a federal subject of Russia, just north of the border with Georgia. The capital city is Vladikavkaz, where the Archbishop of Alania, His Eminence Leonid is based, who gave his enthusiastic blessing for the publication of this important translation.

Fundraising is now underway by the Russian Bible Society to finance the final stages of the project, reports the Diocese of Vladikavkaz.

“We need funds for the typography, for paper, for transportation, for printing, so this book would appear in physical form. So far, there is no money for this, and we appeal to people, to benefactors, so that the 1100th anniversary of the Baptism of Alania would be not only a beautiful and solemn event, but also internally meaningful, carrying a charge for the further development of the Ossetian language, Ossetian society, and the republic as a whole in all aspects,” commented Anatoly Rudenko of the Russian Bible Society.

The translation, which began in 2002, was made directly from the ancient Hebrew and Greek languages.

“We tried to attract bright, charismatic people, writers who can not only understand the text, but also express it clearly and vividly. These people are well-known in the republic – they are the best creative and academic forces,” Rudenko emphasized.

It has already been decided that the Alanian cross and traditional Ossetian designs will be used in the design of the Ossetian Bible.

In 2017, it was also announced that a complete translation of the Divine services into the Ossetian language was underway, in preparation for next year’s celebrations.

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