MEDICAL TYRANNY: Health Dept Takes Single Mother to COURT for Not Following Unoffical "Advice"

The local health department is not accusing her of violating an official order. Indeed, after she received an official order, she complied with it. No, they are accusing her of going against their mere "advice" beforehand. The health department even admits this is the case . . . 


This single mother had documentation proving her son was healthy, and the local health department in Champaign County, Ohio, had not provided any documents officially requiring her son's removal from school.

The health department thought there may have been a "contact tracing" incident involving her son, but when the mother merely asked for details about why they were making such an assumption, she discovered that nobody could answer her simple questions.

She talked to multiple people at the local health department, and every official she encountered said it "wasn't their job" to figure it out — even the Director of Health provided the same response.

The mother spoke directly with the principal, who said it would not be necessary to keep her son out of school. She believed that the principal's permission was sufficient.

Later, after she was presented with official papers instructing her son to be quarantined, she obediently complied with the requirement.

But for the health department, that wasn't good enough. Prior to receiving an official requirement, the mother had not bowed down to their initial recommendation, so therefore they are taking the mother to court.

This is not some random mother I have never met. She is my own sister. I know how well she cares for her son, and I can see just how much she is being abused by the health department. This has to stop. We have to rise up against this sort of premeditated medical tyranny.

It's clear what this is. This is punishment for a loving parent who dared to question the top-down medical declarations which have been forced without explanation on her healthy and innocent child. There is no other explanation.

They are not accusing her of violating an official order. Indeed, after she received an official order, she complied with it. No, they are accusing her of going against their mere "advice".

The health department even admits this is the case. Here is the text of the actual criminal complaint they have filed with the authorities: 

"No person shall violate any rule the Director of Health or Department of Health adopts or any order the director of health issues under this chapter to prevent a threat to the public caused by a pandemic, epidemic or bioterrorism event. To wit: Elisabeth Carine did bring her son to the high school after being advised not to."

They "advised" her not to do something. Yet, with proof of her son's good health, with evidence that there had not actually been any "contact tracing" incident, and with the principal's permission, she recognized this to be bad advice. So she took her healthy son to school. Now she is facing the time, expense, and humiliation of a public trial in court.

I ask all readers to look deep into your hearts, and to show compassion for my sister. She is being charged for doing the right thing and nothing else! She needs your support, not just for her boy, but for all of the other children wrongly targeted by the adults that are supposed to be helping them. Her case is clear, and she has good evidence to support it.

To read more details about what happened, please follow this link:

Fighting for My Family's Freedom

Please share and follow this link to help spread the word, and to come alongside us, helping us to fight against this socking display of medical tyranny.

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