Google Conceals Threats to Women's Fertility, Selectively Hiding Website Search Results

The Yandex browser provides a helpful list of articles written from various perspectives, while Google returns a cookie-cutter list of biased articles with nearly identical titles, all in unanimous lockstep agreement with one another . . .


Web browsers are not supposed to be political. If you search on any topic — whether abortion, fertility, feminism, contraception, or vaccines — an unbiased search engine will provide articles on both sides of the debate, both for and against.

Thankfully, it is possible to find unbiased web browsers. They give you leading articles on both sides of the aisle, and they let you make up your own mind. Meanwhile, an identical search on is heavily biased, only returning articles which agree with the corporate agenda. Use this browser, and Google will try to make up your mind for you.

You may love vaccines, or you may hate them. You may be a big fan of Pfizer's new COVID vaccine, or you may be afraid of it. Either way, you have a right to see articles written from multiple perspectives, discussing both sides of the issue. You should be able to read opposing articles and then make up your own mind. You don't need a large corporation to censor the results.

Apparently, Google doesn't want you to know about certain potential threats to women's fertility, even though leading medical doctors have raised the red flag against Pfizer's new COVID vaccine. Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeaton (former vice president of Pfizer) have formally filed petitions, warning consumers of the potential dangers, but a Google search makes it difficult to locate any unbiased articles that simply report these doctors' concerns.

This is a test which you can easily perform yourself. First go to, Russia's popular web browser, and enter the following search terms:   yeadon covid vaccine infertility

The results include top articles from a broad range of sources:

Now go to and enter the identical search terms:   yeadon covid vaccine infertility

Google returns a cookie-cutter list of biased articles with nearly identical titles, all in unanimous lockstep agreement with one another:

Of course, that doesn't make Google worthless. It just makes Google biased. Thus, it would be foolish to use Google searches as one's sole source of information.

To make sure large corporations are not presenting you with biased search results, it is advisable to use more neutral web browsers such as, to make sure that half of the story is not being hidden from you. 

Here is a sample of articles regarding Dr. Yeadon, which you unlikely to locate with a Google search:

Dr. Yeadon does not say that this vaccine definitely causes infertility in women. He only says there are reasons to believe that there is a risk, and that infertility may be a potential side effect.

Some women may be willing to take this risk. Other women may not be comfortable with it. That is for each individual woman to decide. But a woman cannot make that decision, if she is not told what the risks are. Every woman has a right to know both sides of the issue, ahead of time.

This decision should be made by each individual woman — not by the Google corporation.

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