Famous English Writer Paul Kingsnorth Converted to Orthodoxy


On the feast of the Epiphany of the Lord, January 19, 2021, the famous modern English writer Paul Kingsnorth received Orthodox baptism at a Romanian monastery in Shannonbridge (Ireland).

The sacrament of Baptism was performed by the parish priest of the Romanian community in County Galway and the spiritual father of the writer, Father Tudor Ghita, reports the Orthodox Life portal with reference to the Orthodox Times.

“As a Westerner who has just come to Orthodoxy, I still have a long way to learn, but now I feel like I’ve come home,” said Paul Kingsnorth.

He said that he first got acquainted with the Orthodox faith four years ago, when he visited a small church in Bucharest.

“This strong experience remained in my heart forever, but I didn’t even imagine that it would lead me to travel, make me become a parishioner of the Romanian Orthodox Church,” said Paul Kingsnorth.

The writer emphasized that after his baptism into Orthodoxy, the feeling that “finally I am in the place where I should be” was strengthened in him.

In turn, Father Tudor said that he did not specifically try to convert his spiritual son to the Orthodox faith; this was preceded by meetings and long conversations at the monastery at Shannonbridge.

At the same time, the priest advised the writer not to expect that he "will immediately see the angels flying around the church", but to be ready for constant work on himself. 

“I don’t know where the path leads from here, but now I at least know how to go along it,” Paul Kingsnorth himself summed up his coming to the Orthodox faith.

Paul Kingsnorth was born in 1972 in Worcester (England). Lives in the west of Ireland. Famous British writer and thinker, former deputy. editor of the journal "Ecologist", co-founder of the project "Dark Mountain". In his works of scientific content, he touches on the topics of environmental protection, globalization and large-scale civilizational problems of mankind.

Source: foma.ru (Russian)