Large Family Flees Germany, Receives Asylum in Russia

German social workers threatened to take away their children, unless they agreed to attend sex education classes at school. The family has fled to Russia for safety.

Moscow is providing temporary asylum to the Griesbach family, according to a statement from the press service of the Russian Interior Ministry. Members of this family had become victims of persecution in Germany.

They fled their home country because of harassment from German social services. The children were not attending sex education classes at school, so the social workers threatened to take the children away from their parents.

Source: Vesti

The family had entered Russia on tourist VISAs. Their initial request for asylum was not accepted, due to alleged lack of evidence. So they remained for a time as tourists.

After the Griesbach family had spent a considerable amount of time in Russia as tourists, government officials deemed it necessary to regulate their legal status. Taking into account their personal life circumstances, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia stepped in, and granted them temporary asylum.

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