Ex-Atheist (?) President of Belarus: "God Exists", Europe Is Being Punished by Him

Originally appeared at: Union of Orthodox Journalists

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that God punished the EU with a drought for its policies.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the drought and other natural disasters in the EU are God's punishment for the chosen political course. He said this at an open lesson in the Minsk Palace of the Republic on Knowledge Day, smartpress.by reports.

“In fact, Europe is on the verge of the most powerful food crisis in modern history. God exists. He punished them with this severe drought, and now with terrible storms and floods,” assures Lukashenko.

Alexander Lukashenko said that Europe is not a subject of big politics, but a satellite of the United States, and therefore "suffers, ready to fulfill any will of its master."

Earlier, the UOJ reported that due to drought and abnormal heat in Spain, a church, which was flooded 60 years ago, emerged from under the water.

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