For Christians Interested in Moving to Russia: Here Are Your Options

Escaping the decadence of the west, a number of families are relocating to Russia, seeking rest in a country which welcomes traditional family values. And in most cases, relocating means purchasing a home. In Russia, an exquisite home can be purchased for hundreds of thousands of dollars, while "fixer-upper" homes can sometimes be purchased for less than $5,000

 Editor's note: As the Western world becomes more aggressively godless, more people have been looking towards Russia as the last place where they are free to raise a Christian family and lead a life of faith. Some have made the ultimate step and moved to Russia in their search for a Christian society where the establishment supports Christian values and beliefs and is not trying to destroy them.

We have received a number of emails from readers who don't merely want to read about Russia or visit Russia — they want to live in Russia. They have already seen tantalizing videos about Rostov the Great, Borisoglebsky, and Suzdal, they have joined the Moving to Russia group on Facebook, and they have read stories about American families who have already moved to Russia. Now they are considering a move themselves, but the obvious question arises, "How much does it cost to live in rural Russia?"

Like America, Russia has high-quality options, as well as low-budget options. An exquisite home can be purchased for hundreds of thousands of dollars, while "fixer-upper" homes can sometimes be purchased for less than $5,000. For those who are already fluent in Russian, it is easy to keep a pulse on the current market, using popular real-estate websites such as Cian and Domofond. But for those who only speak English, searching for Russian real-estate can be more of a challenge.

3200 square-foot home in Suzdal

In this article, we will look at English translations of sample housing listings in Russia's Golden Ring, just to get a taste of what is on the market today, in 2018. Though the house prices are advertised in rubles, and the house sizes are advertised in square meters, this article will convert those numbers to American dollars, and to square feet.


For $219,000, you can purchase a spacious 3200 square-foot, two-storey home just 5 minutes from Suzdal, a cozy rural town with a population of about 10,000, located in Russia's Golden Ring. The house sits on a large 3/4 acre lot, complete with a gazebo and barbecue pit. The first floor has a spacious hall, a large kitchen, and a two-car garage. The second floor has five bedrooms, a huge game room, and a large bathroom with a shower. A children's playroom is located in the attic. The cottage also has a large cellar.

The home has a paved driveway, a fire-prevention system, and an alarm system. Lake Nerl is only 300 feet from the cottage. Nearby, there is also a summer swimming pool available, and good parking for visitors. Many more pictures of the home are available online.

1600 square-foot cottage
in Rostov the Great

Rostov the Great

For less than 1/3 the price of the previous listing, $65,000 can purchase a two-storey, three-bedroom cottage in Rostov the Great, not far from Lake Nero. This house is over 1600 square feet, with a living room, bathroom, and kitchen downstairs, and three bedrooms upstairs. Additional pictures of the property are available. The population of Rostov is approximately 30,000 people. Rostov was founded in the year 862, and it is home to the famous Rostov Kremlin and the Dormition Cathedral.

1270 square-foot home
in the village of Borisoglebsky,
half an hour west of Rostov


In the beautiful country town of Borisoglebsky, home to the historic Borisoglebsky Monastery, a two-storey, 1270 square-foot home is available, also for $65,000. The walls of the first floor are made of brick. The second floor walls are made of strong timber. The house has a large porch, a basement, and heated floors in the hallway and bathroom.

This home is a five-minute walk away from the Ustye river, and the lot is fenced and gated. The home includes central heating with a natural gas hookup and a dual-circuit boiler. The plumbing and septic tank are in good condition, and the house has updated electric wiring. Each room has a thermostat. The original listing includes additional pictures of the property.

320 square-foot home a little north of
Suzdal, on a gorgeous piece of land

Low Budget Options

Near Suzdal . . .

About five miles north of Suzdal, this adorable little 320 square-foot home is setup on a lovely piece of land, in a very beautiful, ecologically clean place. This home is near two rivers: the Nerl and the Irmes. There is also a forest nearby.

This home includes a stove, indoor plumbing, and a bathroom. It sits on a large, flat plot of ground with a well-groomed lawn. There are fruit trees and shrubs. Numerous pictures of this beautiful property are available online. This home is listed at $13,800.

280 square-foot dacha just north of
Rostov, includes a pond, a well, fruit
and berry gardens, and a carport

Near Rostov . . .

Just north of Rostov, a cute little 280 square-foot home is up for sale. Price: $2,600.

Downstairs, it has two rooms and a kitchen. Upstairs is a single bedroom. The home does not have indoor plumbing. But presumably, if a married couple spends less than three grand to purchase a home, they can still afford to add some indoor plumbing and a bathroom, without going over budget.

The home sits on land with a small pond, a well with drinking water, fruit and berry gardens, outbuildings, and a carport. On the original listing, additional pictures of the property are available. It might be the perfect place for a young couple who is willing to spend a little bit of money, and a lot of elbow grease.

This is just a small sample of the homes available in rural Russia. Thousands more are currently on the market. And thankfully, there is something available for everyone, whether they plan to spend a fortune or a pittance.