CHRIST WINS: Orthodox Cross Erected on Site of Former Communist Prison

Originally appeared at: Global Orthodox

Metropolitan Theophanes of the Romanian Orthodox Church has consecrated a worship cross installed in the Botoşani penitentiary in memory of Christian confessors held here during the atheistic Communist regime, between 1952 and 1964.

The consecration of the cross was attended by the officials of the Romanian Prison Administration, representatives of local authorities and the Romanian Armed Forces.

“I met many people who had gone through prisons of that time in the 50-60s”, - said the Metropolitan. – “And I noticed three things in those who had to suffer for their faith: they had the power to forgive for everything that happened to them there, they urged others not to avenge what they and their brothers had to suffer there, and thirdly, they had an amazing ability to remember not only the dark moments that they experienced in confinement. They even recalled how some prison guards tried to make their life easier, despite the orders from their superiors."

The Metropolitan held a memorial service for all those who died in the penitentiary of Botoşani.

“May the Lord rest them in peace, forgive the sins of those who caused much harm in those times, and give us the strength to understand that faith in the Lord, even in difficult situations, brings light into our lives and the lives of others”, - Metropolitan Theophanes said at the conclusion of the service.

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