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TV News Report: Bishop Nestor Publishes New Book About Church History

In America, this sort of publication might get mentioned in the footnote of a church bulletin. But in Russia, it is important enough to make it on the evening news. This illustrates significant spiritual differences between the two cultures.

Focusing on 300 years of pre-revolutionary spirituality in his local region, Bishop Nestor has written a book about church history in Kuznetsk, a major city in the Penza region of Russia:


On the eve of Bishop Nestor being our guest in this studio, from the Penza oblast, he presented the results of his research in Church history: "Orthodoxy in Kuznetsk"

The first book includes materials collected from several archives from the late 17th to the early 20th centuries. It has bright, colorful illustrations, numerous photographs, and a number of maps and diagrams.

Bishop Nestor:

Our residents of Kuznetsk, as well as others living in the Penza region, are getting acquainted with the unique history of their native land. This book is a labor of love and appreciation for the many generations who have built our cities and cared for us spiritually.

The study has revealed the lives of those who lived before us, before the Revolution. For nearly three centuries, these residents of Kuznetsk harmoniously combined both their everyday life and their spiritual potential.

And here is the unity and harmony which they achieved, bringing spirituality into everyday life. It is a good example for us today, showing us how to develop society in a positive way.

The basis for this new book is the Master's thesis written by Vladyka Nestor, which he defended in 2016.

Today, he continues his scientific research of church history, as he works on writing the second volume.

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