Bible Books of Ruth and Esther Published for the First Time in Yakut Language

The Institute for Bible Translation prepared and published the first ever edition of the Old Testament books Ruth and Esther in the Yakut language.


These are the only books of the Bible named after women; in the new edition, the books are united under one cover, the IPB website reports.

“The bright images and good life of selfless Ruth and Esther, who lived almost three thousand years ago, will henceforth become the best examples of morality for the Yakut people. In our modern life, they shine even more brightly and call all women in the world to fidelity, true love and sincere service, ”wrote Archbishop Roman of Yakutsk and Lensk in the introduction to the publication.

Briefly describing the spiritual deeds of these biblical women, Vladyka Roman noted that merciful Ruth, being from a pagan country, “follows her mother-in-law to Israel and gains faith in the true God,” and the Jewish orphan Esther, who married the Persian king, “regardless of the fear of death, saves her native people from inevitable destruction."

A whole team of specialists worked on the translation of these two books, and the books were illustrated by the Yakut artist Maria Adamova, who had previously created illustrations for the Book of the Prophet Jonah.

At the end of the new edition there are maps of biblical places of the described events.

Source: (Russian)

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