KFC Bans Homosexual Topics from International Sports & Music Competitions

Kentucky Fried Chicken has updated its corporate rules, now prohibiting same-sex themed contest entries from its international competitions. Drawing thousands of people into large crowds, the KFC sporting events and music concerts are being purged of homosexual propaganda.

The KFC concerts and sports exhibitions are being supported and endorsed by several major corporations, including Pepsi, Heinz, and MasterCard.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has made an international sensation, for more than just its famous fried chicken. With the support of Pepsi, Heinz, and MasterCard, KFC setup wildly popular international sports and music competitions, using outdoor concerts and sporting exhibitions to entertain large crowds throughout the world.

KFC has officially banned homosexual-related themes for all of its international KFC Battle contests, according to a recent report from the Federal Press news service.

Major KFC concerts are held outdoors, drawing crowds numbering in the thousands

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  1. KFC Battle Singers
  2. KFC Battle Dancers
  3. KFC Battle Sports
  4. The Judge's Verdict
  5. KFC Battle Victories
  6. Russian Moral Influence
  7. Corporate Supporters
  8. The Public Response

KFC Battle Singers

The international KFC Battle attracts contestants from all over the world. Whether it's a jaw-dropping song, an outstanding dance routine, or a stunning exhibition of top-notch sports skills, thousands of hopefuls do their best to impress the KFC judges, desperately reaching for their next big break. 

Previously, contestants had few restrictions in regard to subject matter. Performing song or dance routines that hinted at homosexual relationships would not result in automatic disqualification. 

The famous Colonel Sanders logo, forming the backdrop for a KFC outdoor concert

But then everything changed. The KFC corporation modified their contest rules, prohibiting applicants from making any references to same-sex relationships.

Thus, any mention of homosexuality will now cause an applicant to be instantly disqualified. No opportunity to perform for the crowds. No possibility of winning a medal, or scoring a recording contract.

Singers are forbidden from performing homosexual-themed songs at KFC Battle concerts

While homosexuals themselves are not explicitly forbidden from entering the contest, the new rules suggest than any such relationships should get back in the closet. Any references to "same-sex marriage" will get an application thrown out.

Of course, applicants can simply use different songs which meet the new contest rule criteria. But some musicians are protesting what they see as a "restriction on personal freedom". Some applicants are offended, believing they have a right to sing whatever they want.

KFC Battle Dancers

When a great song is playing, sometimes it's almost impossible to hold still. You just have to get out on the floor, and show off your best moves.

Choreographed dance moves are welcomed in the KFC Battle contest, but only as long as the background music does not encourage homosexuality in any way. Break this rule, and you will be summarily dismissed. 



KFC Battle Sports

Not content to settle for song and dance alone, the KFC Battle contest also has numerous entries for sports fans. Basketball, soccer, and track events are all included in the festivities.

In this promotional flyer, an experienced runner brings the KFC Battle to our attention, front and center:

While you're at it, feel free to bust some moves on the soccer field and basketball court as well, just like the gentlemen in the photos below.

As long as you are not trying to promote same-sex relationships, everyone is welcome. They don't want to exclude any people from these events. They just want to protect the public from homosexual propaganda.

The Judge's Verdict

KFC sets up judging panels to determine the winners of the various KFC Battle contests. There are numerous applicants, and many of them are very talented. So it takes a lot of work to identify which contestants truly are the best.

Of course, the first step is to figure out who gets disqualified. All KFC judges are required to follow the contest rules, which prohibit any mention of homosexual relationships. If this forbidden topic shows up on a single T-shirt, or in a single song lyric, then the contestant gets the boot. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

KFC Battle board members agreed to exclude any entries depicting homosexual relationships

Homosexuals are not tehcnically prohibited from becoming judges in the KFC Battle contests. Presumably, there are not any prescreening interview questions which are quite so specific.

But all judges are strictly required to abide by the official KFC Battle contest rules and regulations. And according to those rules — which are written in black and white — all homosexual propaganda is to be purged from the contest. Not a single same-sex reference is to be allowed.

KFC Battle Victories

Of course, the contest participants don't show up for the sports events and concerts alone. Medals and Trophies are additional incentives which attract some of the world's best talent.

And since same-sex topics are banned from the contest itself, of course it means a participant cannot use homosexual themes to win a medal or trophy. If you want to win big and stand on the victory pedestal, then you had better keep it straight.

Entries with homosexual themes are banned from receiving prizes

Russian Moral Influence

Try as they might, liberals were not able to find any evidence that Russia influenced the American elections. Nor were they able to find any evidence that Russia influenced the American President in any meaningful way.

But if they had thought about investigating Russia's moral influence over American fast food chains, then they just might have discovered some interesting information. Even though KFC was not historically supportive of traditional Christian marriage, they finally changed their corporate policy, banning the promotion of homosexuality from all international KFC Battle events. They did this for one reason, and one reason alone: Russian Law 

Russia's red, white, & blue flag flies in the background at this KFC sponsored outdoor concert

According to a report from Federal Press news, KFC modified the competition rules as a direct result of Russian Federal Law.

They included the amendment in the "Requirements and Restrictions for Work" clause in their official contest rulebook. The company explained that such an amendment was required by the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

“Since the project’s audience is young people, including minors, the materials submitted to the competition (videos, blogs, photos) should be in line with Art. 5 of the Federal Law of December 29, 2010 N 436-ФЗ (ed. December 18, 2017) 'On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development,' ” the press service explained, affirming that this was added to the competition rules.

Thanks to Russian Law, thousands of people are not being corrupted with homosexual propaganda

Corporate Supporters

Millions of advertising dollars are going into these "straight" events, with the #KFCBATTLE hashtag attracting hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of viewers.

And KFC is not the only company doing the advertising. Several large American corporations — well recognized brands — have also jumped on the bandwagon, offering KFC their support via paid advertisements of their own.

Pepsi is one of the major corporate sponsors. And it makes sense — after all, if you need to wash down some crispy fried chicken, what is more refreshing than a nice cold soda? Pepsi and KFC go together, hand in hand.

In the photo below, at one of KFC's public concerts and sporting events, the basketball jerseys prominently display the famous Pepsi brand logo, just inviting you to swing by the soda fountain for a refill.

Pepsi corporation advertising, endorsing KFC Battle sporting events

All the KFC judges have bottles of Pepsi to drink. Coincidence? Or Collusion?

And since KFC fans are not usually known for paying cash, MasterCard is advertising, making sure you use their credit card whenever you go in debt over a bucket of chicken.

In the photo below, a man stands to the left, holding a larger-than-life credit card, boasting the famous MasterCard logo:

Man holding a giant MasterCard promo item at a KFC Battle ceremony

MasterCard advertisement prominently displayed behind the contestants

"Do you want some fries with that?" After all, you don't want to eat the chicken all by itself. And what goes better with KFC french fries, than a generous dollop of Heinz ketchup? No wonder Heinz made sure to follow the money, and to get on the KFC bandwagon as well.

In the following photo of a KFC concert, there might not be any songs that promote homosexuality, but there are plenty of Heinz logos right next to the stage:

Heinz and Pepsi logos, supporting this KFC outdoor concert

Pepsi & Heinz happily advertise at this KFC event, where homosexual relationships are not supported 

Pepsi and MasterCard have been advertising heavily, supporting international KFC Battle events

The Public Response

Not everyone is happy. There has been a vocal minority, protesting the amendment to the KFC Battle contest rules. According to a report from Federal Press news, these protesters are upset because they feel KFC is treating homosexual relationships as being unequal to traditional heterosexual relationships.

Most people, though, are happy as a clam. There is no noticable dip in attendance, and KFC is having no difficulty finding talented people to send in contest applications.

Historically, eastern Europeans have overwhelmingly disapproved of same-sex relationships. For the most part, this trend has continued into the present. In fact, a recent study shows that 83% of Russians are opposed to homosexual activity.

So, at least in eastern Europe, it is relatively safe for corporations to marginalize the homosexual community, and to drive them back into the closet. At least in this part of the world, homosexual propaganda has failed to make the same inroads into the government and public psyche, as it has done elsewhere in the present world.

And to gauge the law's impact on KFC's business operations, one only need to look at the size of crowds that continue showing up to these extremely popular KFC Battle events.

There have been no KFC boycotts, no mass protests. Just tens of thousands of people who continue showing up to these events, and loving it:

Putin may not be interfering with international elections, and he may not have any influence over President Trump. But thankfully, he is interfering with the ability of large corporations to cram homosexual propaganda down our throats. Russia reminds big companies that they need to keep their focus where it belongs, on creating and selling quality products. 

So, the next time you eat at KFC, and you want something crammed down your throat, you'll have to settle for a piece of fried chicken.

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