Russia Is Fighting Against Global Evil Says Head of Russian Church in Powerful Sermon (VIDEO)

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On September 1, when Russia observes the memory of two military victories in XIII and XVI centuries and miraculous deliverance from a sure annihilation by agressors, Patriarch Kirill address the people with a sermon closely related to the events unfolding at present:

...Even today, those who are far from faith cannot rationally explain our victory in 1591. Today men are guided rather by a rational approach, by profit and loss concerns. Moral criteria are no business at all in modern politics. But has anything changed since those early days? Armaments and military strategy have changed, but prayer is still a great power, on one condition: if we believe... God only enters human history, changes its course, and enters people's personal and social lives when we ask Him for it in deep faith.

Now is the time when we must fervently seek His help for our Fatherland: the battle is raging between good and cosmic evil. Why do we say that? Because to justify sin is the work of Satan who is out to destroy the difference between good and evil. And so it is happening today! Powerful propaganda forces work worldwide, forming this worldview. 

What prevents the final victory of evil? It is opposed by the Lord Jesus Christ, His divine power, revealed in the faith of His followers, His disciples. And as long as there is an unshakable faith among His disciples and followers that the Lord is Lord of history, that the fate of the universe is in His hands, that faith in God is a key to the survival of mankind, so long will the human race survive.

In this sense, our country has a special mission today. We are among a few, who call the evil and good by their real names, who do not allow the enemy's propaganda muddle the water, as if there is no good and evil, but models of human behavior. And if a given model is against Him, against His moral principles, - then what? Clever one just stay mum, while the rest unleash their hatred at us...

May God grant that, through the prayers of the saints who have shone forth in our land, our people, despite all temptations, tribulations and attacks, we stay firm by Orthodox faith and thus retain our ability to tell good from evil, ability to be free. For you were called to freedom, brethren (Gal.5:13).

And to those who have not yet fully embraced the faith, I appeal: the time has come when there is no business as usual any more, when we must make a choice of worldview, on which depends not only your personal life but the very existence of our homeland.

Patriarch's sermon in full, with English subtitles can be viewed here:

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