Miracle? Russian TV: Image of St. John the Baptist Appears on Glass in EU Outpost (Kaliningrad, Koenigsberg, VIDEO)

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Christianity

Locals in the Kaliningrad village of Mayakovskoe are reporting a miraculous occurrence in the Church of the Great Martyr Panteleimon.

First, when the COVID pandemic began in 2020, the glass covering over an icon of St. John the Baptist began to turn white. Then, “On the Nativity of St. John the Baptist on July 7, we decided to take the glass off … and we were very surprised—the face was imprinted on the glass, and very clearly!” church warden Sergei Afanasiev told Sovetsk-Tilsit TV.

When a second glass covering was put on the icon, the Forerunner’s face appeared there too.

Now both pieces of glass with the images of St. John the Baptist are in the church in Mayakovskoe, where they will be placed in a special kiosk. News of the occurrence has spread and the Orthodox faithful are already coming to venerate the images.


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