Sacred History Video Series: From Genesis to the Apostolic Church - Professor & Orthodox Deacon


With the Feast!

Today on “Summer Pascha,” Aug. 15/28 on the Feast of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God, we kicked off our new 2022-2023 Bible Study series on “From the Beginning: Genesis and Job and the Apostolic Church Today.”

Below is an intro video for the series, and we also hope to post soon a second video summarizing the actual discussion today on Genesis 1.

We’ll meet each week at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday at the Bucknell Barnes & Noble Cafe, 4th and Market in beautiful downtown Lewisburg. Please join us at any session or for the whole sequence as we cover two books of the Bible from the most ancient times. Glory to God!

No homework is needed and Bibles will be provided, but here is a resource page of some of the Bible texts and commentaries from early Church Fathers in the Orthodox tradition that we will be using, together with some texts mentioned in the introductory video.


About the Author:

Deacon Paul Siewers serves at St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco Russian Orthodox Mission Church in a northern Appalachian valley of central Pennsylvania. He also works as associate professor of Literary Studies at Bucknell University, where he is adviser to the Orthodox Christian campus community and directs the Bucknell Program for American Leadership. His blog only represents his own views.

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