WSJ Author Reveals Putin's Secret Weapon Against the West: The West Itself

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Russian President Vladimir Putin's secret weapon against the West was outlined by Walter Russell Mead, author of a July 11 article in The Wall Street Journal.

According to Mead, Putin is betting on Western decadence and wants to play on the problems of Western society. In this way, he can bring the "American world order" "to its knees."

The author of the article believes that in an economic war with the Western community, Russia has withstood and even "bruised" its enemies. He illustrates this fact by saying that Germany, for example, started avoiding its promises to increase defense spending because it was intimidated by the consequences of economic confrontation with Russia.

Furthermore, Mead stressed that the West cannot hope that the world will unite against Russia under its values. China, India and Brazil, for example, have already chosen trade with Russia over solidarity with the G7.

The piece also identified three vulnerabilities of the Western system. The first, according to the author, is the trend toward protectionism in Europe and the United States. The second is that new Western values (e.g. LGBT propaganda) offend billions of people around the world. The third is disagreements within the Western community itself.

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