Vatican Seeks to Normalize Transhumanism, Holds Conference for 'Elites'.

"Now you're seeing the Catholic church under the auspices of Pope Francis fully embrace it [transhumanism]. Artificial general intelligence, regenerative robotics, the CRISPR revolution, all of it embraced by Pope Francis and his cohorts."

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Originally appeared at: Bannons War Room


Steve Bannon: So Joe, the Vatican Pope Francis, one of my favorites, is all over transhumanism and trying to normalize it, tell us what's going on. We call this a couple of weeks ago. People try to say "no, no, it was all phony". Turns out was true. The Vatican's got a big conference on transhumanism. Walk us through what happened.

Joe Allen: Yeah, Steve is actually the flyer that we put out. The elite global leaders conference held at the Vatican. It's just one event among many over the last weekend in which priests, business leaders financier's and tech experts were discussing the impact of artificial intelligence, automation, mass digitalization, the real focus that I've had has been on the elite global leaders conference itself.

If for no other reason that you have an invitation only event that in which experts are discussing the future we desire. Ostensibly, that's supposed to be all of humanity. I don't get the sense that many of us are being consulted. Now you'll see at the bottom one of the lead figures is Carlos Moreira.

He is the coauthor of the book, "The Transhuman Code". And he's been very defensive of that title. He says that he is in fact Anti-transhumanist. Although I would imagine that if I wrote a book called "The Eugenics Code", that is anti-eugenics, that's about the purification of the human genome, people might raise questions.

So, who is Carlos Moreira? He is the founder and, I believe, owner or co-owner of WISeKey cyber security. He's also a long time consultant for the UN. He worked at the UN for many years. He is prominent figure now at the World Economic Forum and his security business is very successful in China.

I think he works with both the government and corporations there. And his book, "The Transhuman Code" is a best seller there. Now, it's also pretty typical, you know, Reuters covered this a few days ago, they fact checked conspiracy theories and they were dumb enough to say that this event is not being held by the Vatican.

This event is actually being organized by J-Boy Productions, meaning that they're actually claiming that this event is being organized by the production company. It would be like if, you know, the War Room was not hosted by Steve Bannon, but rather by the audio video engineers in Denver. But all that aside is just another instance of media and various figureheads running cover for what appears to be certainly plans to completely reorganize civilization that is openly spoken about by the World Economic Forum and by this man, Carlos Moreira.

So, if I can give four key ideas that he promotes: 1) that the fourth industrial revolution, as articulated by Klaus Schwab, is inevitable; 2) that he says that artificial general intelligence will most likely be achieved within the next five years and will completely outstrip human intelligence; 3) that automation will most likely take almost all of our jobs, including intellectual and white collar jobs; 4) he believes that the metaverse is also inevitable. Now he claims that the Transhuman Code is about human centered technology. What is the solution? Well, he says that we have to protect our inevitable digital identities. How do you protect it? Well, a good way to do it is to hire people like WISeKey Cyber Security to take care of your digital identity for you. Now, I don't necessarily mean to be unfair, but given that he completely dodged my questions, including an invitation to come onto the show via Twitter, I have to assume that there's more going on beneath the surface.

I am certainly in favor of human centered technology, but I imagine that the men of Troy were also pretty fascinated by the craftsmanship of the horse sitting outside of their city. So, if he wants to defend his claim, that he is in fact, a human centered advocate for us, the people, rather than a shill for the World Economic Forum or the various tech corporations that he says will inevitably run rough shot over our lives, then I think he should come on the show to defend himself and take responsibility for that claim. And I also think...

Steve Bannon: Wait, hang on for a second. We've got to get the guys from the Vatican on here too. This is outrageous that this was said, this is a Vatican conference. This wasn't put on by J-Boy production. This is a Vatican conference, a sanctioned Vatican conference. And to know that they're running dogs for the World Economic Forum and for what this anti-human aspects of the fourth industrial revolution is outrageous.

Joe, I want you to hold the restroom and get back to it tonight because it's going to be all over this. This a normalization of something is very dangerous for mankind. Very dangerous for humankind by the Vatican. And the question is some deep dark questions got to start be asked about this regime that's there on the Pope Francis. Exactly, what are they trying to do? What are they trying to accomplish? Because they are consorting with people that are quite dangerous to folks we call Catholics. Okay? We're going to be back at five o'clock, we're here in the desert. We're in Pima. Want to thank Joe Allen. We'll get up on the aborts, everywhere you can get Joe Allen, you get Joe Allen's writings, he's all over transhumanism. And now you're seeing the Catholic church under the auspices of Pope Francis fully embrace it. Artificial general intelligence, regenerative robotics, the CRISPR revolution, all of it embraced by Pope Francis and his cohorts.

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