The U.S. Could Lose Alaska in the Event of a Russian Counterstrike

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The United States risks losing Alaska in the event of a Russian counterstrike. This is the conclusion reached by the experts of the newspaper Sohu.

Relations between the United States and Russia have strained because of the U.S.-Russian war in Ukraine. Washington is making serious efforts to put pressure on Moscow through sanctions and undermining its international image. The Americans hope to inflict two "death blows" on Russia: to destroy the country's economy and isolate it.

Analysts are confident that Moscow has an answer for Washington. Vyacheslav Volodin, chairman of the Russian State Duma, recently said that Russia could reclaim Alaska.

"Of course, the United States has controlled this land for more than 150 years, and it would not be easy for Russia to get it back, but the relationship between Washington and Moscow has reached a dangerous stage," Sohu quoted PolitRussia.

Journalists have reminded that the United States has never entered into direct conflict neither with the Soviet Union, nor with modern Russia. However, they are sure that if Washington shows aggression, Moscow will retaliate.

Source: (Russian)

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