South Bend School Admin Boots Police From Elementary School (VIDEO)

An administrator at a South Bend elementary school kicked a police officer out from a routine walk-through. 

Originally appeared at: Daily Wire

A local reporter uncovered police bodycam footage of Coquillard Elementary School administrator Dr. Cheryl Camacho confronting police officer James Sweeny. On April 21, Sweeny was conducting a routine check-in when Camacho approached him and said she did not feel comfortable with police being in the school building to act as peacekeepers.


Camacho: Just walking through? What’s going on? 

Sweeny: Just making sure you guys are safe. 

Camacho: I know we had a situation yesterday with a student, is that what you’re talking about? 

Sweeny: Uh that, but this is just the area that I work. Just making sure that you guys are okay. 

Camacho: Okay. Alright. We’re fine. We’re good. 

Sweeny: Do you like having us come in? 

Camacho: If I know the scope of what you’re doing … Do you connect with the kids? What do you do? 

Sweeny: Just make sure you guys are okay … If it makes you uncomfortable having us walk in, then you’re welcome to call the Chief’s office and just ask us not to come. 

Sweeny: You’re not going to hurt my feelings. If you don’t want me walking through, I won’t come through your school. 

Camacho: Yeah. I think for now let’s hold off until I have a conversation with the Chief. 

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