Russian Foreign Ministry Accuses USA of the Crisis of World Orthodoxy

Sergei Lavrov believes that the United States "directly had a hand" in the crisis in Orthodoxy. . .

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Originally appeared at: UOJ

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the United States is responsible for the crisis in world Orthodoxy, reports

“The United States of America directly had a hand in the current crisis in Orthodoxy,” Lavrov said. “They had a special mechanism formed – a special representative for freedom of religion, who was not really dealing with freedom. <...> He actively encouraged and financed the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew so that he would pursue a line towards a schism, including in Ukraine.”

Earlier, US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt expressed concern about "efforts to reverse the Tomos for the OCU", which, he said, Russia is making. The Primate of the Greek Church spoke about cooperation with the US Ambassador on the issue of recognizing the OCU.

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