Russian Church Rep: Patriarchal Society Under Attack of Totalitarian Transhumanism

"Ordinary human society says: 'there are problems, many of which cannot be solved, but we live in the hope of the mercy of God, believing in salvation. . .'"

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Transhumanism sets false tasks, distracts public discussion from questions about the need for immortality as such “in the conditions of an exhaustive universe”, about freedom and the right of a person to be religious, as well as about real help to the suffering, as a result of which resources are misallocated. Archpriest Alexander Abramov, secretary of the Synodal Commission on Bioethics of the Russian Orthodox Church, said this at the IX International Festival “Faith and Word” held in the Moscow Region, RIA Novosti writes.

“We are dealing with an aggressive attack of totalitarian transhumanism on the position of a peaceful, quiet, patriarchal and quite calm ordinary human society. Ordinary human society says: there are problems, many of which cannot be solved … But we live, in the case of a religious , – in the hope of the mercy of God, believing in salvation, “- said Abramov.

Transhumanism, he noted, says that “everything in the world can be solved with the help of technology.” “Thank God, most of the time it remains chatter. The pace of technical transformations, although high, is not as high as it was described in the 50-60s during the period of grandiose techno-optimism. And if you take fantastic works: as of 2020, we should were to found colonies outside the galaxy … Officially, transhumanism has existed since 1957: during all this time – let’s leave the great achievements aside – have you managed to find a radical cure for a cold? – No! ” – stated the expert.

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