Russian Bishop: QR Codes Make a Quasi-Religion

The head of the Ekaterinburg Metropolis of the Russian Orthodox Church believes that the introduction of QR codes has divided society. . .

Originally appeared at: UOJ

Metropolitan Evgeny of Ekaterinburg and Verkhoturye says that QR codes are being turned into another quasi-religion. At the same time, the "code system", in his opinion, may remain even after the pandemic has been overcome.

"I am not a scientist. I am a monk and a bishop of the Church of Christ. And as a shepherd I have a duty to speak my mind. We are told that resistance to vaccination has taken the character of occultism. But in the same way, the use of QR codes is based on absolutely religious, not scientific postulates," the archbishop wrote on his Telegram channel.

According to Metropolitan Evgeny, only eternal truths of Divine Revelation are undeniable, immutable and invariable for a Christian. They are accepted with faith, regardless of whether it is possible to prove experimentally that love is better than hate, loyalty is better than betrayal, and compassion is better than indifference.

"Science, on the other hand, is always in search. It grows with new theories. Everything requires proof or refutation, except for the rare axioms, which, incidentally, also need to be substantiated, and strict scientific criteria are applied to them. New discoveries sometimes radically change previous concepts. Where search and doubts cease, science itself ceases," writes the head of the Ekaterinburg Metropolis of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Vladyka draws the attention of the believers to the fact that those who doubt are now called illiterate. It is common to joke that nowadays everyone has become virologists and accuse their opponents of all misfortunes of humanity. But it will lead to nothing but enmity and division of the society.

"The introduction of QR codes has truly divided society for the first time since the Civil War," says Metropolitan Evgeny, but most depressingly, in his opinion, the QR code system may remain even after the pandemic has been overcome for social raitings.

"Does a QR code indicate that its holder has been vaccinated? No. And not all vaccines qualify for it. Is the owner of the code not dangerous or protected? No, vaccinated people can get sick and carry the virus. Do you have antibodies? No. And scientists are still arguing about antibodies. Then how does the QR code protect us from a pandemic? Where can these data be found? What scientific, verifiable attribute common to all QR code holders is the basis of the system?” Metropolitan Evgeny asks the subscribers. “I am not against vaccines or technical innovations. Vaccines can be life-giving and codes are safe. I am against these phenomena being dressed in religious clothes.”

Earlier, the vicar of the Solovtsy Monastery called QR codes "an abominable mark".

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