Oldest Jesuit Magazine in America Writes that the Catholic Church Needs LGBT 'Saints'

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One of the oldest religious publications in the United States, America Magazine, published an article stating that the Catholic Church needs LGBT saints.

Almost every Catholic has a saint who looks like him, but the Catholic Church has no saints of non-traditional orientation, nor do it have patron saints of LGBT parishioners, writes the article's author, associate editor and openly gay Jim McDermott.

"Our actual existence in the history of the Church has never been acknowledged, and there are no blessings that we can recall. Nowhere do we find statues of people like us. We are not depicted on any Catholic canvas. At best, we are simply guests in the history of salvation. More often we are like Abraham's second wife, Hagar, exiled to some other land," writes McDermott.

It should be noted that America magazine was founded more than a century ago by the Jesuit order, to which the current Pope belongs. Although the views expressed in the article contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church, the editors do not point out that the author's views may not coincide with her own.

Source: interfax-religion.ru (Russian)

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