Moscow Conference of Conservative Christians Demands End to Covid Tyranny, Warns of Schism

"Today we are divided into masked and unmasked, injected and uninjected, with and without QR codes. Segregation is the precursor to civil war."

On Sunday, in Moscow, at the Izmailovo Hotel, another Council of Orthodox Laity was held with the main theme - "The Third World War. Stop digital fascism!". A huge number of citizens are not just worried, but literally put in a state of acute opposition to the far from luminous forces that have actively manifested themselves in power and even among some of the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church. Surrendering the remnants of national sovereignty to structures of global fascists like WHO, sabotage bills by an organized group of people acting under cover of the Russian government, provocation of civil war with segregation and discrimination against healthy people who have not given in to the propaganda of bigfarma agents is our reality in which Orthodox people and all thinking adequate people need to survive. Participants of the Council recorded the situation, calling all the processes by their proper names, and urged the healthy forces of society to stop lying to themselves and believe the liars and swindlers on TV, no matter what position they occupy--and most importantly, not to be afraid, and to resist the new global digital fascism by all means, not allowing the deranged and out of touch "elite" to plunge the country into a new civil war.

Anatoly Artyukh, coordinator of the council, stated in his opening remarks that, having bowed to the authority of WHO and its agents, the leadership of the ROC found itself in a very difficult situation, which continues to worsen as certain members of the clergy further surrender their positions and the interests of believers:

"There is a vulgar race between two famous metropolitans for the patriarchate. If one of them wins - the author of a good book - we will have syringes at the entrance to churches. He said: only vaccination will save us from the disease, not a word about God. And if the second one wins, we will have Catholics standing at the altar. Given that Patriarch Kirill has spoken repeatedly about the dangers of a digital concentration camp, he was able to postpone the Council of Bishops...I am sure - at this Council he could have been removed from the patriarchate and appointed one of these two characters. And that would make the situation much worse than it is now. We don't have much time before the Council of Bishops, and even less before the State Duma decides on the bill on QR codes. We have a huge number of priests and laymen who have begun to ask uncomfortable questions and answer... There is no epidemic of coronavirus in the country (this is so according to the official responses of Rospotrebnadzor), but there is an epidemic of fear, lies and betrayal. It is well planned and financed."

- Artyukh announced the facts known to Orthodox patriots.

Igor Druz, chairman of the Moscow branch of the Commonwealth of Donbass Militia Veterans and former head of the People's Council of Ukraine, drew parallels between the current situation in the ROC leadership and the situation in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church during the Maidan and pre-Maidan periods, when the power there was temporarily taken over by a man of the lowest moral qualities - the sodomite Aleksandr Drabinko, who actually manipulated the elderly Ukrainian Metropolitan Volodymyr Sabodan, but failed to split the UOC and eventually went into schism himself, and perhaps the most authoritative archpastor of the Russian Orthodox Church today, Metropolitan Onufry, was appointed to head the UOC, who would not join the Covid project or support vaccine-bearing:

"With provocative statements, the forces destroying the Church dream of forcing us into schism. No, let them go into schism themselves. We should refer to Metropolitan Onufry, the second most hierarchical person in the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop Porphyry of Solovetsk, Metropolitan Mark of Ryazan, and other like-minded people. We are supported by the majority of the clergy, but many are afraid to speak openly. In general, even if vaccines and QR codes were very useful and good, the Church should speak first and foremost about God-given freedom. Medical intervention can only be voluntary, otherwise it is experiments in the style of Dr. Mengele, moreover, they are going to transfer these experiments to our children.

I noticed that the "nationwide lockdown" in Russia and Ukraine was introduced in early November, only two days apart. There is a feeling that the forces called globalists are simply directing the processes from a single center, while "our" authorities are taking the lead. This is very sad, it means that if we do not resist, the Russian people will simply be destroyed.

The Holy Spirit has always worked in the Church, it has always been purified, and I am convinced that the bright forces within it will take over again. We must not go into schism, we must be in the Church and help the healthy forces of the episcopate to purify the Church."

Anatoly Artyukh developed the idea of what forces are now involved in the popular confrontation and what the "fight against covid" has actually become:

"Metropolitan Tikhon Shevkunov has declared what is now the Third World War. Let's get this straight - have we declared war on anyone? No. So what is happening now? We see that our state - in the person of Rospotrebnadzor, the Ministry of Health - is at war with us; the mass media are definitely at war with us; a part of our Church is at war with us. If the virus is man-made, as Bishop Tikhon says, why didn't we officially declare that we were attacked and even with bioweapons forbidden by the world conventions? Why didn't we declare martial law? Then we would have gone to war... And now it turns out that the authorities and part of the Church are at war with us. In secular terms, we say that this is fascism, but in spiritual terms it is certainly apostasy, as evidenced by the coercive nature of the process. Only Satanists can coerce in this way. And this direct Satanism is now legalized by the official authorities and the official Church."

Andrei Tsyganov, coordinator of the Union of Patriotic Forces of St. Petersburg, chairman of the expert council of OUSF and the head of Katyusha, spoke about the risks of digitalization and the connection between digital secrecy and the lawlessness of "anti-covid" measures introduced in Russia and around the world:

"We are not just talking about QR codes, but about assigning each person a number, a new identity card. The digital name will replace for the machine algorithm the name of the person given to him at baptism. It is with this number that the global system of a single state that is being created will interact (see the concept of "states as a platform"). We can see the features of this system already now. It is the so-called proactive mode of providing government services, without human involvement or the participation of officials. In Russia, amendments to the federal law "On Public Services" have already come into force, making the abolition of the traditional paper-based workflow possible. Furthermore, state functions will be taken over by corporations, such as Sberbank, which are actively involved in the sphere of education, replacing textbooks and teachers with their digital surrogates. The new concept of education is based on automation and computer algorithms, and the authors of this madness claim that we are depriving our children of choice and a future. In addition, the new system involves the total collection of personal data, its cross-border transfer to who knows where, and the abolition of state secrets and privacy. Anything found on the Internet is guaranteed to find its way to a strategic adversary.

Another key element of this system - digital money, which the Central Bank is preparing to launch (what is it, you can look at the example of China where the digital yuan has an expiration date - this "money", as personal data, can be reset at any time) What is the ideology of this system? They call it transhumanism, but in reality it is pure Satanism, the genocide of most of the world's population and turning most of the survivors into slaves-"service people". This is what all the "innovative" biotechnologies, genome editing, etc. are aimed at. - Population reduction and the attempt to create the elixir of eternal life for the "elite". And of course "digital transformation" as an end in itself - all this is fully consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. I would like to ask - where in this transhumanist concept is all that we hold dear? Where are our Church, our faith, our traditions, our culture?

And another important point: the traditional states with their even limited sovereignty hinder the implementation of these plans, and they are simply demolished along with the national elites. We can see that the global conductors of the new divine world (the state of the Antichrist) are not going to stop at QR-coding and fascist tags. They continue to increase the pressure. Now they are adopting bills to expand the powers of the Interior Ministry, which would allow the police to break into our apartments. There are attempts to turn the RPN into a separate branch of government with dictatorial powers, preparing the legalization of universal, including children, injections with dangerous experimental GM drugs, etc. So what can we do? Firstly - do not enter this system, by hook or by crook to refuse QR-code, to move to a cash-only mode of payment. Secondly, we must help each other, employers can help employees, employees can help each other. One of the main goals of our enemies is to set us against each other, to plunge the country into civil war. We must not fall for their provocations.

And, of course, we must do everything in our power to prevent criminals and degenerates in the government and the media from draining the country and inciting a civil war. For example, now, when a subversive anti-constitutional bill on the legalization of QR tags is introduced in the Duma, we must do everything we can to prevent its passing. To call, write, go out on pickets, to convert the local deputies and public chambers, etc. After all, the demons are their agents, who implement all this madness, also believe and tremble. God could have had mercy even on Sodom and Gomorrah if at least 10 righteous people were found there. Can we not get the necessary percentage of normal people to refuse to go into the system so as to block it from working? At least 10 percent and no digital concentration camp will hold. Let's not give up, God is with us, Russia is behind us!"

- Tsyganov summed it up.

The appearance and speech of Dr. Alexander Redko, who has recently become a target for all anti-national forces who set out to brand the people with QR codes, received a standing ovation from the audience:

"The authorities scare you, Rospotrebnadzor scares you. They scare you in all kinds of ways, causing tension, panic... not only among Orthodox Christians, but among all citizens of our country. Resisting these far-fetched fears, we are talking about other fears. Those that come to us from the West, from WHO... and all this causes tension. Voluntarily or involuntarily, we talk on all sides about the bad and don't talk about the good. We don't talk about the ways of salvation - but what should we do? Here, if we don't get vaccinated, so what... die? And you start explaining for the hundredth time the simplest things that everyone here already knows.

I'll talk about how we need to defend ourselves now. There is such a thing as fractional immunization - it happens when we are actively communicating - talking, hugging. Natural can't be worse than artificial, it's all about our immunity. Let's go back to our medical traditions. If we restore them, we will be saved. If not, we'll end up as an appendage of those people who poke us with some nasty stuff almost every day. After all, we have hundreds of thousands of viruses.

Look, all 600 Western virological laboratories - they are all around Russia. Everyone who talked about war is absolutely right. There is a war going on against us - a complex, hybrid war, with a combination of factors all of them becoming lethal. Our normal health care is turning into a death factory, and it is not the doctors' fault - it is the health care organizers' fault. My optimism is that you are sitting here, you are awake, you know what is right and wrong. You have come to know yourselves as individuals, and each individual sets off a chain reaction around them. All the votes on forced vaccinations and QR-code regimes show that 70 percent or more of citizens are against the "new normal." We will definitely win - only we all need to unite.

Moving the QR codes for a month is the first swallow, I think it all has to break down. Moreover, some of our enemies are wanted by people in uniform, but for some reason they can't find them. Thank you all very much!"

- Redko charged the audience with optimism.

Another well-known doctor, Dr. Vladislav Shafalinov, reported on the proven risks of covid vaccination:

"Dr. Supotnitsky has an important point in his monograph on coronavirus: It has been proven that the S-protein covid (which cells start producing after vaccination) affects spermatogenesis in boys. And that's the key point - you can actually put a point here. It may not lead to complete infertility, but there is evidence of an effect on fertility function. The only way to check this is to vaccinate the child, and 15 years later see who is born to the vaccinated and who is born to the unvaccinated. If there are parents who are willing to do such a study, then it can be done.

Naturally, I am against QR-ization, absolutely, it has nothing to do with epidemiology. As for the safety of covid vaccines - of course, now they will shorten the clinical trials, promptly approve everything, but this will not at all indicate its safety. There have already been many stories in medicine when a drug was approved, but a few years later it caused deformities in children. Many people I know call me now and tell me that vaccinated people get sick and die the same way - there is no difference.

I am often asked the question - what to do? The answer is simple - you just have to stop lying. And then the truth will prevail. Also, on December 12 there will be a conference in Moscow about coronavirus treatment and vaccination, the time will be announced later.

Psychotherapist Vyacheslav Borovskikh urged Orthodox laypeople not to be afraid, because the current events very much fit the definition of "pandemic fear:

"The real purpose of the ongoing campaign is to take away a person's identity. Then you can do whatever you want with him. And the beginning of the loss of identity is fear. A person begins to be dehumanized from the very top, from his spirit. At the same time he is still mentally healthy, he is aware of everything, but he cannot do anything about it. So, self-control is an inherent property of a person from the realm of free will, from the realm of the spirit. Scare a person, and then you can do whatever you want with him, up to editing his genome. In our society, the current situation has revealed a serious degree of godlessness.

And now I see that the situation is changing. Of course, there is a brutal, terrible war going on. How did we defeat the Nazis? In the beginning it was very scary, too. But we got up our spirits, we were no longer afraid. Who took away our fear? Zagradotryadtsa or other orders of the command? No, it was God who delivered the people from fear. We drank the cup of suffering and He had mercy on us. Now we are going through the same thing. Only God knows the measure, and he will deliver us from fear if we remember him. He reminds us of Himself in every episode of our lives. And now I see this positive momentum. I have had a six-fold increase in the number of patients in 2020. These are mostly neurotics, people who are frightened, who have developed their fear into depression, panic attacks, and more serious disorders. And there is no cure for fear in the form of a pill, the only cure is the Lord God.

We were given this delay of a month (while the regions are considering the federal law on QR codes - note "Katyusha"), not only so we would write petitions, but to accumulate at least "10 righteous", for which God has mercy on us. The main thing for us now is to get rid of our vanity fears. And it is very important to reconsider our ecclesiality. Christ says to us: "Seek Me, seek Me, not some personal opportunity. We are a big part of the Russian Orthodox Church, we love it and treat it like a mother. And when someone takes her hostage and tries to reformat us on her behalf, we will not be silent. But the Church remains the Church - the gates of hell will not prevail against her. We have nothing to fear - we must cheer up and seize the moment that God gives us. So that no one will reformat us".

- Borovskikh concluded.

The Coordinators of the Council, to the rapturous applause of the assembly participants, showed a message from Orthodox citizens to the President of Russia and to the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, literally "cast in granite. This message speaks very openly about the incitement of a civil war in Russia. State and Church leaders are asked to intervene and stop segregation at the state level... before it is too late. The message is striking and will be posted next to the presidential administration building and the Moscow Patriarchate, which will hardly be liked by the tenants of these buildings.

At the end of the meeting, Artyukh read out a voluminous resolution, which will still be corrected and supplemented, while we will give the basic provisions:


Resolution at the conclusion of the Council of Orthodox Laity, Moscow, November 21, 2022.

At the conclusion of the Council of Orthodox Laity entitled "THE THIRD WORLD WAR - STOP DIGITAL FASCISM", we set out to determine: who is at war with us, what methods of combat are being used, who is the aggressor, what our losses are, and how we should defend ourselves.

No official has ever named the aggressor country and officially declared the covid-19 as a biological weapon, no state of emergency has been declared. In two years of so-called anti-virus measures, we have come to the conclusion that the war is being waged against the people of Russia. We are suffering losses, even though we have not declared war on anyone, but we are really being dealt with in a war of defeat.

FORMS AND METHODS OF WAR: Panic, info-terror - this has led to an increase in tension, aggression, disunity and segregation. As a consequence, there has been an increase in suicides, mental disorders, which has had a direct impact on physical health. Masks do not protect, gloves did nothing but eczema. Systemic frustration, deprivation, isolation are methods of suppressing society to a state of complete submission to the craziest decisions of the authorities.

Individual hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church in this situation have taken the position of the department of religion of Rospotrebnadzor and the WHO, flagrantly violating the canons, driving people out of the temple at Easter when the metro and supermarkets are full, declaring holy icons and the holy cross contagious, capable of causing harm. In fact, this is a form of the heresy of iconoclasm, which can lead to a schism, as we already had in the 16th century.

Regarding the blasphemous and shameful sterilization of spoons in the reception of the Holy Gifts, we declare that we do not consider our Lord and His pure Body and Blood to be disinfectants, as some covid-novelists in cassocks insolently claim. Viruses and bacteria remain everywhere - on the spoon and on the chalice - the Lord does not destroy them, as chlorine destroys bedbugs. But the grace of the Lord makes all creatures harmless, nonpoisonous, noncontagious, non-lethal, as long as they are in the halo of God, in which there is neither death nor disease. That is why it is impossible to become infected in the Communion!

If a layman or a priest is of a different opinion, the layman should not approach the Chalice and the priest should not give Communion. COMMUNION WILL BE IN CONDEMNATION! We therefore demand that sacrilegious practices in churches be recognized as a shameful error and be repealed by decree of the Patriarch.

Officially, the vaccine trial will not end for another year, but people, under pain of being fired from their jobs and other restrictions, are being forced to take the shot. Without even noticing it, we find ourselves in a country that once defeated fascism and now forces us to participate in a medical experiment that was banned at the Nuremberg trials.

We are witnessing with our own eyes how the country is sliding back to the classic practices of Nazi Germany, where people were given health passports and divided into full-fledged and not full-fledged. Today we are divided into masked and unmasked, injected and uninjected, with and without QR codes. Segregation is the precursor to civil war. Segregation today in Russia is so systematic that it gives the impression that our government seeks to plunge the country into war in order to impose a new world order.

The New World Order is no longer conspiracy. These are crazy plans to reset the world by scum like Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates, which are carried out by the leaders of most countries in order to attach a number to a person - a QR code, then tie money to it and remove cash. With the disappearance of state currencies the statehood will also disappear. There will be the question of one ruler and total electronic control over people. Faithful people know exactly what this is all about.

Restrictions on religious freedom are prohibited even during a state of emergency (Part 3, Article 56 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation), not to mention the "high alert" regime, for which no federal law establishes the possibility of such decisions. Meanwhile, regional authorities adopt a normative act, which directly contradicts the position of the Presidential Administration, based on the Constitution.

We are witnessing a growing campaign of harassment and stigmatization of those people, our colleagues, who speak the truth in order to prevent division and civil war.

HOW TO DEFEND OURSELVES? "Fear not those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul."

As Orthodox believers, we realize that we have entered the penultimate times written in Apostle John's Revelation, in which the foreshadowing of the seal became a real threat to all people of faith.

We do not dare to stop the mystery of iniquity with our weak hands, but we also have no right to keep silent about the iniquities being done before God and men, so that as many people as possible come to Christ and in the end times they make the right choice - because at stake is the consideration of our immortal soul.

In connection with the above, it was decided at our final Council of Orthodox laity to announce the creation of an International Anti-Fascist Committee (movement) consisting of experts in various fields: medicine, law, religion, history, etc. The task of the movement is to give any initiative that is imposed on us by church or secular authorities an expert evaluation, in terms of the presence of factors that fall under the definition of "fascism". According to our experts' assessments, including the reports we have heard today, we testify that the forced "vaccination", the approval by the clergy of murder [aborted cells] for the sake of prolonging another person's life, the restriction of our rights and freedoms by imposing restrictions on our constitutional and spiritual rights, is fascism and must be immediately stopped by direct orders of the president and the patriarch.

We demand the abolition of the mask regime, isolation, remote treatment, compulsory vaccination, the adoption of QR-codes and to leave every healthy person the right to decide how and what he will be treated for.

We demand from the parental community in Russia to recognize as a crime all attempts to force vaccination of people, especially children and the elderly.

We demand a state investigation and prosecution of the officials whose actions, public lies, and panic-inducing actions have already led to mental and physical pathologies and deaths.

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